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Backstage News on Damien Sandow, Tout News from RAW, Rosa Mendes

– Rosa Mendes was kept off RAW last night because of the news that TMZ reported yesterday. Regarding her former WWE star fiancee Jackson Andrews, who she has accused of abusing her, it’s said that the two have been together for some time but they “always break up.”

– It was noted that WWE did not air any Tout videos from fans on last night’s RAW. On a related note, the angle at RAW with Sheamus taking Alberto Del Rio’s Ferrari was done to put over Tout and obviously push their SummerSlam match.

– It’s said that top WWE officials are high on Damien Sandow. Sandow is being booked to look strong in the current feud with Brodus Clay.

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  • Tyler(:

    Sandow is boring, Idol Stevens was better.

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I agree with Dan. Sandow should target Santino, and the U.S. title would be perfect for him right now. And I also agree that he’s come a LONG way from being one of McCool’s pets. I liked him even before that, when he was Aaron Stevens, a local guy from around my area (MA). And I was glad WWE signed him and it was nice to see him as Idol Stevens back in 2006, but he went nowhere fast, sadly.

    I’ve always been a fan, but don’t catch FCW, and honestly had NO idea Sandow was Stevens till I looked it up online. Something about him was so familiar. But wow, that beard and this Genius-type gimmick, he looks like a totally different guy. And it’s working wonders for him. I think Christian shouldn’t have lost the IC title so quickly, and to Miz of all people. As he and Sandow could’ve had a good IC title feud.

  • Hank

    Yeah, they’re high on Sandow. Who could’ve ever guessed? He’s never been pinned or made to submit yet, he’s the only person in the entire midcard who’s been allowed to have a well defined, progresing character, or consistent mic time, he was given a huge spotlight on the biggest Raw show of all time by cutting a promo on the original DX in the always crucial opening segment, and now he’s putting beatdowns on a guy who’s never even been challenged by somebody other than Big Show.

    Thanks dirt sheets!

  • Jim

    Looks like I pissed off all of Cody Rhodes boyfriends. The less he is on my screen the better. Overrated.

  • scooter

    Well captain obvious I felt Sandow looked weak destroying a guy who has been pushed as a massive powerhouse. Also Sheamus and Del Rios stuff was to push their summerslam feud. Seriously I never knew that.

  • Bawb

    The tout thing is so fucking retarded. What kind of a dumbass management has their production team film a video on a computer? All this social networking promotion is getting in the way of common sense and interesting writing.

  • sandow need a new theme.

  • Dan

    Sandow’s come a long way since being one of Michelle McCool’s teachers pets. I’d rather he didn’t waste his time with Brodus though, he should go after Santino and the US title. His character is all about ridding the WWE of stupidity and a character like Santino would be the ideal target for him. Plus at the moment there is no storyline regarding the US title and Santino will be able to put on a much better match than Brodus.

  • SYM

    @Zach D Sandow will be the Next Sandow. His style is alot different from Punk.

  • Jim

    Nope rhodes should never have had a push in the first place

  • Jimbo


    I hope you’re right. Hopefully they book him so he’ll gain some major heat with the crowds and then put him in a slightly higher tier feud with someone like Mysterio or Christian.

  • JK

    Thinking that HHH stated he was really impressed with Sandow maybe half a year ago so he’s got that going for him. Look at what being on HHH’s good side has done for Sheamus. I didn’t like Sandow at all in FCW but have enjoyed his WWE run. Funny how that works sometimes.

  • Zach D

    I honestly believe that Damien Sandow could be the next CM Punk.

  • MMPR 90’s Kid

    So you mean to tell me they couldn’t build Beth Phoenix and Natalya to look strong when they were the heel Divas of Doom or Salvation???

  • Tyler(:

    Sandow was awesome, but yeah, I don’t trust the WWE not to mess up a heel push.

  • Jimbo

    They say that now, but we all know WWE’s booking will mess up Sandow’s push, just like they messed up Rhodes’.