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Backstage News on John Cena vs. CM Punk, Tonight’s WWE Tapings, WWE Live Radio

– Tonight’s WWE SmackDown and NXT tapings will take place from Bakersfield, California at the Rabobank Arena with the fallout from SummerSlam and new World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. No matches have been announced but Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio vs. Christian and Alberto Del Rio is being advertised locally.

– A fan in attendance at WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view noted that he didn’t see many fans using the new “WWE Live Commentary” radios that debuted on Sunday.

– John Cena and CM Punk were both reportedly very ecstatic after their WWE Title match at SummerSlam on Sunday. One source said they had never seen Cena that happy after working a match in the years they have worked with him. Overall, everyone was happy with the way SummerSlam as a whole came off.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • venom

    Both World title matches were great considering they were rematches.

  • poko

    What impressed me about the Summer Slam match was that it wasn’t a carbon copy of the MitB match, as a lot of these feud matches tend to be. Cena and Punk should be proud, though not nearly as proud as Christian and Orton. Those guys let it all in the ring.

  • Trixie

    I agree with al, they need to keep the title on someone for a while and stop passing it around. All that does is just weaken the meaning of the title.

    I also agree that the finish was kind of a mess. They should have cleaned that up, or something.

  • CM Mark

    Yeah well way to kill the momentum they had WWE. Total garbage finish.

  • al

    i thought SSlam was quite chaotic. But it will lead to good storylines for the future. And i think they should stop passing the WWE/ and World title around. 4 wwe champions in 1 month? Christian and Orton has been passing the title around also.

  • JIR

    The match was solid very back and forth the way a PPV match should always be only downside was Cole kept saying “What if Triple H makes a mistake?” If you saw it think about it it just made the moment feel like “aww Cole did say it could happen”

  • mark

    have to agree there match was pretty good but not as good as mitb