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Backstage News on Kevin Nash’s WWE Return, How WWE Kept It a Secret

– WWE did everything they could on Sunday night at SummerSlam to keep Kevin Nash’s return a surprise. Nash was flown into Los Angeles on Saturday and kept away from the rest of the WWE roster. Only 3 or 4 people in the whole company knew about his return planned for SummerSlam.

On Sunday, Nash was kept away in a different part of the arena and wasn’t brought over until right before or during the main event between John Cena and CM Punk. Nash’s return wasn’t listed on WWE’s official booking sheets either.

Source: PWInsider

  • venom

    It was cool seeing Punk and nash go at it on the mic. I hope Nash will be back on tv weekly.

  • Shawn

    Only 3 or 4 people knew. Hhm… well Vince, Punk and Triple H knew for sure. I’d imagine security must have been notified. I’d imagine Stephanie knew. Already we’re over 3 or 4 people. I wonder if Cole knew. He didn’t immediately react to Nash in the ring until the camera showed it.

  • yelissa

    kevin nash talks horrible just like john laurinitis hahaha

  • bloodstone

    @tombstone1108 you nail it

  • tombstone1108

    Personally I thought Punk came off looking a little weak monday night, Stone Cold would have taken out those 4 security gaurds with little effort. Also thought his promo was nowhere near up to recent standards. But I know some of you are so far up punks but that you will never admit any of this is true. Not hating on punk just stating facts.

  • Jason

    But yet he went AGAINST Punk and didnt have his back. One thing about Nash, love him or hate him, he can surprise people and still believes in kayfabe.

    And all the character names about Nash that Punk dropped was absolutely priceless. PIPEBOMB lol

  • Lynnrae

    @ CM Spunk
    Yeah he did.

  • CM Spunk

    didnt he tweet a while ago that he was hooked on the CM Punk storyline? and if Punk wanted some backup to give him a call?

  • Bawb

    I wonder if him chatting about being confused he wasn’t used since his Rumble pop had anything to do with it blindsiding us.