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Backstage News on Mysterio-Cara, Lots of ROH on New WWE DVD

– has provided details on Ring of Honor footage from WWE’s new DVD on CM Punk. The documentary portion features a 10 minute chapter dedicated to Punk’s time at ROH. The DVD shows Punk visiting the ROH wrestling academy and giving his thoughts on his time there. The chapter contains flashbacks with ROH footage and some still photos. They talk about Punk’s mic work in ROH, his feud with Raven, his matches against Samoa Joe, signing his WWE contract in a ROH ring and his farewell match against Colt Cabana.

– More news on the bad Sin Cara vs. The Miz match from last week’s SmackDown, the one where Cara went backstage disappointed and disappeared for a little while after it was over. A lot of the blame was put on Cara. After the match, there was more of a push to do Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara at WrestleMania with the feeling that Rey will be able to carry Cara to a good match in front of a live crowd on the biggest show of the year.

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  • DJ

    Why dont they just let unico be sin cara again?? That is why they hired him!!

  • The Continental

    I don’t think a lot of it is Cara’s fault. It is the opponent that is facing him doesn’t know how to work his style. They need to have him working with people that understand the lucha style not people that grew up with the WWE style.

  • James

    Or.. maybe it has to do with that WWE fired/let go/what ever to the first Cara, as has been reported even on here months ago..

  • chronoxiong

    Someone was getting on my case about me making Sin “Botch” Cara jokes a few weeks ago. Well guess what, he’s still botching. The joke won’t stop.

  • Jack Me ah Jack Mama

    Please 4 the luv of God no Rey vs Sin Cara match. I can’t bear 2 watch Sin Cara wrestle and butcher a match wit Rey Mysterio.

  • cc

    One of the things Mysterio benefited with was going to ECW & WCW before he ever came to WWE. Because the likes of those two had more of a crossover between the style of wrestling used in WWE and the lucha style. For Cara to go straight from the lucha promotion to WWE, the step was huge. If there had still been a WCW style promotion for him to go to, it probably would have eased his transition into WWE style wrestling. Hell, maybe even a stint in TNAs X Division might have helped him adapt better.
    Cara certainly needs to learn more English as communication is key in a WWE ring, but he really does need to adapt his style to fit the opponents he is going up against. Miz is good, but he certainly isnt the sort of guy who can help carry someone else, and certainly isnt a ring general yet.

  • Dee durp

    It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why Sin Cara has struggled to adjust, but it’s certainly not because of who he’s been facing. If I was to wager a bet, I would say that it’s a combination of working a different style, wrestling in the dark, and not fluently speaking English. The language barrier sounds like the most reasonable explanation to me.

    Miz isn’t the first opponent that Sin Cara has struggled to gel with. He’s been put in matches with more than a few great smaller wrestlers, and whether it be through unfamiliarity or miscommunication, there have been mistakes throughout. When that’s happening on a routine basis with wrestlers like Chavo, Bryan, Christian, and Kidd, there’s clearly an issue that reaches further than the quality of opponent.

    It’s a bizarre issue. I hope it’s something that can be resolved. Sin Cara was almost flawless in Mexico, and that style of wrestling is sorely missing from the product today.

  • cheesehandler

    @Bawb and anyone else booting cara down. only reason he looks so bad here is cuz hes not used to wrestling with heavy, stiff ass workers. and for one…the miz?? come on now, this is the same guy that let r truth take a dive. all im saying is if there was a cruiserweight(like wcw of old) you wouldnt hear the name botch cara.

  • Bawb


    I guess, but herein lies the problem with WWE. They need to stick with divisions because I bet Cara wouldn’t have these issues if he faced, say, Billy Kidman, or Chavo Guerrero Jr, not the Miz or Rhodes. WCW let the luchadores do their thing separately and it was something at which to marvel, they flourished. I see Rey not having to carry Cara when they wrestle; I see them doing their thing on their own terms and killing it. Then again, I could be reaching for something ideal, as Rey has probably conformed to the WWE style so much within these past 10 years that it’d be hard to revert back.

  • simon07

    @Bawb One of the reason might be that WWE ‘style’ of wrestling is a lot different to what he’s used to in Mexico.


    as someone else has pointed out on this site before its the different style most likely or tryin to blend his style that hes used to to the style they want him to use the amn is a LEGEND IN MEXICO from im told n have read bt its just the wwe style of wrestling that hes probably havin hard time still graspin n as for rey vs cara that wood b a good match n that wood ba HELLA GREAT WAY TO BRING BACKTTHE CRUISEWEIGH5T TItle if they ever did that #imjustsayin

  • xXx

    well hopefully if they can keep rey healthy.. they could do that mask record thing

  • Bawb

    I don’t understand Cara. I thought this guy was HUGE in Mexico, implying he excelled there, botch-free. If that’s the case is it the WWE style that has screwed his mentality? What’s this guy’s deal?

  • Jimbo

    Implying Mysterio won’t injure himself before then.