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Backstage News on Brian Kendrick’s WWE Release, Who Spoke Up for Him?

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– The decision to release Brian Kendrick was made two weeks ago after he was pulled from a planned program with Evan Bourne. Kendrick had been warned several times that WWE wasn’t going to tolerate his failing multiple drug tests for marijuana. His marijuana use was likely a contributing factor to his release and he was one of at least 2 Superstars who had their pushes stopped due to pot use. Kendrick’s release was also meant and taken as a warning for higher profile talents who have been failing pot tests.

However, when John Laurinaitis informed Kendrick he was being let go, the story was that it was because of the economy. Those who heard that story couldn’t believe they gave him such a lame and bogus reason for being fired. Kendrick was told that his release could have happened much sooner but agent Pat Patterson had spoken up for him.

  • dl

    i wouldnt doubt if randy is dirty, he always looks high or a bit tipsy lol

  • Wilcard

    I dont have proof but Im sure I heard reports in the past of Orton with pot something about having a joint backstage? I dont know if the guys clean now but hes a main eventer they would never touch if he came up with pot in him. “Randy your just stoned not juicin anymore, goood good”

  • eric

    angle was on death watch and wwe didnt fire him…pot was just an out that would never be grounds for dismisal in the wrestling world where anything goes.

  • rowdywrestlingfan247

    me bitch if you didn’t read jesse’s last sentence he is being sarchastic. besides they wouldnt let go of top superstars because that means WWE would lose ratings…get rid of a peon “Kendrick” and the athletic board eases up on WWE for a while

  • me bitch

    No are you fucking stupid orton cena and HHH are there top wrestlers they wouldnt let them go for nothig in if kendrick was as high profile as you say then how come he was never a real champion like ic champion or wwe champion!?

  • Jesse

    Oh yeah, I am sure Randy Orton is shaking in his boots that Kendrick was released. Because if WWE would release such a high profile wrestler like Kendrick, well then Cena, Orton or even HHH should watch out as they could be released. Making an example has to start with a top superstar, not a never was.