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Backstage News on Dreamer’s ECW Farewell and More


– The Tommy Dreamer farewell on last night’s ECW was a decision made by Vince McMahon, to thank Dreamer for his service to WWE. When Dreamer returned backstage after the match, a lot of the WWE roster was waiting to greet him.

As of this writing, WWE has not removed Dreamer from the ECW roster page on their website.

Fellow ECW Original Taz wrote the following on his Twitter regarding Dreamer’s departure: “A well deserved & proper send off for a TRUE Pro & a real ECW orig named Tommy Dreamer.”

  • sean

    vince does have a soul when he wants too, but when u are a ceo and owner of a company u can’t be a nice guy 24/7 u have to be a prick sometimes hell look at dixie she sent jeff jarrett home for no reason yet i am sure she does something good that nobody really knows of

  • CC

    Some of you need to get your heads out of your arses. Its not just about his onscreen role, its about the role he played backstage as well.
    Tommy has long been one of the most respected WWE employees for the hard work he did as an agent among other jobs that none of you have ever seen him do.
    Tommy would not have stayed with WWE as long as he has if he was being treated like dirt.
    Vince genuinly shows some gratitude for that, and you all act like he has never gone a good thing in his life.

  • Devil_Rising

    No, Vince doesn’t have a soul, lol.

    It’s the least he could do for bringing back ECW only to fire Paul Heyman and ruin the product.

    He certainly wasn’t the greatest WRESTLERS of all time, but Dreamer absolutely was one of the most PASSIONATE of all time. Hope he has a great life post-wrestling, if he really is done.

  • Couto B Badd

    Well, its tradition for when someone retires, or leaves a company to do the job. Yes, Dreamer was a jobber, but he was loyal to WWE. But, they did it that way, because 1, was to build Ryder. 2cd, was to give a reason for Dreamer to leave. It was a wonderful send off to. Plus, Beulah Mcgillicutty really let herself go.

  • drg

    well he tv story is that ryder beat him so he had to leave which is kinda sad in a way. but once a jobber always a jobber i guess. they shouldve had it be extreme rules to end dreamers career and ecw for this decade btw there needs to be at least one more good extreme rules match before ecw changes its name and everything

  • edgehead15

    I thought WWE used to embarass those who wish to leave the company on their own?

  • guy

    No Thumper! I assure you there must be some mistake. Dreamer jobs his whole WWE career and then gets a “Proper Send Off”. Something doesn’t sound right. Sounds like he is getting the Brooklyn Brawler treatment. Why didn’t Brooklyn Brawler host RAW instead of Johnny Damon?

  • Valo487

    I guess he’s going to TNA to be with friends, I just hope it works out for him. Personally I’ve never understood why TNA would spend the money to hire name guys to work in non-wrestling roles, like Taz announcing. I have nothing against him, it just seems like an unnecessary expense, but I guess they want to get people’s attention in any way possible.

  • Tracey

    but yet we get no farewell or even mention of Shane McMahon’s departure. When it’s Vince’s own son that left. Must say something about the circumstances of Shane’s resignation.

  • Thumper!

    Vince McMahon does have a soul?