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Backstage News on Paul Heyman’s WWE Return and How Long He’s Back For

– As seen on last night’s RAW Supershow from Greensboro, Paul Heyman made his return to WWE as Brock Lesnar’s legal representative in the storylines. Heyman announced that Lesnar had quit WWE and that the company owes him millions of dollars. Lesnar is still under contract to WWE, for those wondering.

Heyman is also working under a deal with WWE. Plans are in place to have Heyman in the company through August. A Lesnar vs. Triple H grudge match is expected for SummerSlam where Heyman will be featured with Lesnar. Heyman will most likely disappear from WWE TV following SummerSlam.

Until then, he will be a main part of the Lesnar storyline and will be making semi-regular appearances for WWE going forward. Heyman can be used on TV to represent Lesnar while Lesnar has to be kept away due to having a limited number of dates on his contract.

As far as why he came back, it was described as a chance for him to do something new on a limited basis, get his name out, work with some people he cares for and make some money. Heyman’s WWE return was put together in the last week and was not something that has been planned all along.

Source: PWInsider

  • sam

    it was good to see paul heyman back such a top top talker just a shame it wasnt in chicago or NY then the crowd reaction would of made things that much better

  • nick

    Push Tyson Kidd #GetHIMonRAW

  • Wellsy

    WWECW died when Heyman left. Heyman is hopefully going to rattle things up.

    When you compare Vickie Guerrero and Teddy Long to Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff, it just shows you the direction the WWE had been going in when picking people to play authority figures. In fairness to Laurinitis, at least he is a genuine authority figure in WWE and so is believable in his role.

  • Prince

    Having Paul Heyman on WWE TV is just good business. I wish he’d come back on a permanent basis. Loved him on commentary, as a manager, as SD GM, and in ECW. He’s awesome!

  • Miz1984fan

    Paul hayman is a pioneer! He originally brought attitude to wrestling

  • SpudimusPrime89

    @adam, my friend called it too.

  • Nick

    That depends on the crowd.
    If he returned in Miami like Brock did, the crowd response would be different.

  • adam

    @tg. I love the fact that before anything happened i was like it would be awesome if Heyman was back that would finally be a HUGE shocker. Then about a minute latter brocks music hit a little delay then out comes Paul.

  • TG

    Heyman still got it its ashame how the IWC and WRESTLING fans knew who he was and marked out compared to the audience.

  • voice of reason

    i’d love to see heyman take over from john laringitis

  • yofits

    Paul Heyman equals ratings

  • Jimbo

    Heyman is one of the best personalities/managers in wrestling history. Glad to see him back.