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Backstage News on The Rock vs. Cena, HBK Not Watching HIAC, MVP, Birthdays

– WWE Hall of Famer Sika Anoa’i turns 67 years old today while Diamond Dallas Page turns 56.

– After releasing “Holla to the World” last year, MVP has finally added his first hip-hop single to iTunes. The track can be downloaded for $0.99.

– WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels wrote on Twitter that he has not watched the Hell in a Cell match from WrestleMania 28 and talked like he wouldn’t be seeing it.

– Despite WrestleMania 28 being in The Rock’s hometown of Miami, WWE officials had been going with the idea of John Cena winning for months. The real discussions about The Rock winning reportedly began about a month ago. Still, most people within WWE thought that Cena would win.

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  • fail

    I dont misz mvp one bit overrated

  • Zane


    Thanks for the article was a really good read, I recommend it to everyone else to read it aswell.

  • Rock/Austin/Trish/FTW

    The Rock passed the torch to Brock not Cena, dumb asses!

  • Lex

    I love the whole “pass the torch” and Rock being “selfish” idea. Cena has been the man. He doesn’t need a torch passed on to him. HHH and HBK already did that @ WM22 AND WM23. The Rock has done the job countless times. He did the job for Mick Foley. He did the Job for Kurt Angle when Angle @ No Mercy in 2000 which gave Kurt his 1st WWE Title. He did the job for Brock Lesnar @ Summerslam. He did the job for Batista and Randy Orton @ WM20. He and Austin the job for Jericho in a single night. And more importantly The Rock did the Job for Goldberg on his way out. The Rock did the job for the fans this time, if he loses that match there’s no future anticipation of him returning to become WWE Champion. And at this point and time I would rather see The “Selfish” Rock win the title rather than John Cena. It’s funny how people make The Rock out to be the bad guy, read this……

  • Ray

    I think they realized Sun Life would have rioted… no joke it was that insand!

  • VenomEX

    punk deserves the torch, not cena

  • nnac

    rocky vs brock 2002 in miami, rock says ‘i wont lose in miami.’…. if any1 thought cena was going over, they are sillyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  • Reaper

    To me it still doesn’t make sense. If you have your poster boy, the top wrestler in your company beaten by a man who hasn’t wrestled in 7 years, what does that tell about WWE? Doesn’t that just make everyone on the roster a loser? Obviously if even Cena allmighty can’t beat the Rock, then who on the roster can? They pretty much degraded their own product in terms of credibility. Bad business decision and bad booking, imho!

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    cena win? really? would that of meant wwe treat him well? i personally would have had cena win, then months down the line rocky returns outa nowhere (except itl all be widely known on here) screw cena again setting up a return match for next WM or when ever. maybe like when HBK had to screw taker to get his rematch, this time hollywood rock.

    i think hollywood rock v cena would have been better, cuz rocky would have been cheered in MI regardless.

  • Superman

    Cena should have won the rock should have passed the torch cena IS wwe hope they are going somewhere with the rock winning at mania maybe set up a triple threat for mania next year rock vs Brock vs cena