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Backstage News on Why Ryback Has Heat with WWE Officials, How Vince McMahon May React

– There has been lots of internal talk about the future of Ryback lately. He has heat on him for several different things.

For one, officials feel he hasn’t really developed well in the ring like they were hoping. There’s a feeling that Ryback has actually regressed in the ring. He also has heat on him for roughing up several different talents, most recently CM Punk.

Officials also feel that Ryback doesn’t present himself well when making appearances for the company. WWE has gotten feedback on several appearances he’s made over the past few months where people said he didn’t look happy to be there, and this began before they turned him heel. One source described it as Ryback seeming to be annoyed by making public appearances.

It’s said the “bloom is off the rose” with Ryback unless he turns things around. Vince McMahon has lost so much faith in Ryback that he may remove Paul Heyman from him so Heyman can move forward.

Source: PWInsider

  • CC

    The guy is awful in the ring, his gimmick is old as the hills and in interviews he comes across as a dick. The fact that people chant Goldberg everytime he comes out to the arena should tell Vince that his little experiment has failed.
    Even the rub of Heyman doesnt seem to be helping him.

  • sons of pancakes

    The thing that kinda bothers me about Ryback interviews is he seems to have a big ego and thinks that his gonna be the champion and face of the company automatically. His probably pouting because that didn’t happen, if he was a better worker and more over he would be, but he shoudn’t just expect things when he does’nt deliver, his body can only take him so far and its 2013 no one cares about that crap anymore.

  • Solid

    Cue the Goldberg music to come in and destroy him then a repackaging he goes.

    Or future endeavoured.

  • Minstrel_Period

    Ryback has a weak move set, doesn’t transition from one move to another very well, relies on telegraphed spots and easy, formulaic matches.

    He should be using power bombs, the torture rack and a few big slams. Instead he uses unexciting moves, and his character makes boring, cliche statements on the microphone that nobody cares about.

    Yeah, time for him to “work his way down the card” for sure. If he is with the company in 6 months, we might even get to see Tensai, Heath Slater, Great Khali and Santino beat him clean.

    And if he plans on working for a company which focuses on selling personalities to the public, he better get real used to making public appearances and being professional.