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Backstage News on Vince McMahon’s 3 Favorite WWE Stars, Huge Plans Rumored For Roman Reigns

Backstage word right now is that the three favorite superstars among Vince McMahon, Triple H, Kevin Dunn and other top executives are, in no particular order:

Roman Reigns
Bray Wyatt
Bad News Barrett

As far as Roman Reigns goes, it seems a lock that he will be a future WWE World Champion, and his first victory is likely to be something special. There are rumors it could take place as soon as WrestleMania 31.

The two names slated for Reigns to work with right now are the Rock and “Paul Heyman Guy,” Brock Lesnar. Regarding The Rock, he has previously told Vince McMahon he would like to work with Reigns before be retires and the pair could face each other in a title match at WrestleMania, with speculation that The Rock could go over at Royal Rumble given he has a rematch from when he lost the title to Cena.

At this point, WrestleMania 31 is set to be built around Reigns as a babyface.

Credit – Justin LeBar

  • Nik Roseveare

    You’re back to expressing an opinoin, not fact dude .

    I can assure you there are countless people who would describe Hogan v Warrior as anything but “bad wrestling”.

    You’ve evidently been raised on a diet of high-octane wrestling. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Sure, the likes of Savage and Steamboat would sometimes break the mould in the 80s. But the reality is that it was an era where the majority of the audience would get excited about a suplex.

    And I still stand by that in terms of how to work a crowd, there’s no better match to study … Apart from possibly Hogan taking on the Rock at Wrestlemania.

  • ddfindl

    I’m I alone on this or are there other people here who aren’t as high on Reigns as Vince McMahon?

  • d_pooch

    The Rock wants to put Reigns over because that’s his cousin. Maybe they can start a fight over who has the better tribal shoulder tattoo…

  • EaterofWorlds

    You say different, I say BETTER. If that’s a classic of that generation, then that generation is inferior.

    The difference between pro wrestling and video games is that something like Mass Effect wasn’t even POSSIBLE in the mid 80’s, the technology didn’t exist. They’re incomparable because we have access to things that automatically improve the quality that they didn’t have. In wrestling, they had the capability of doing matches back then just as good as they do now, Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat proved it. Those matches still hold up today and would still be classics by todays audiences standards. Hogan and Warrior on the other hand is a perfect example of bad wrestling. It’s not different, it’s the same style, it’s just the same style done extremely poorly. Puro is DIFFERENT as a wrestling style to sports entertainment, but it’s equally good if not better in its execution.

  • Nik Roseveare

    I guess you’re right, that type of match would never happen today … But that doesn’t rob it from being a classic of its own generation. The wrestling world is veeeeeery different today.

    Think of it as a classic video game. Super Mario Bros might look dated and uninspiring today, but once it was considered an incredible innovation and was at the forefront of what was achievable in that industry. And it will never stop being fun.

  • EaterofWorlds

    WITHOUT exposing their limitations? Oh, I disagree. Have you seen that match lately? Because I have, and there’s nothing more apparent than their limitations.

    That type of match if it happened today wouldn’t even get a chance, there’d be boring chants, this match sucks chants, booing, people chanting Randy Savage, etc. The only reason it worked back then was because people thought it was real, or at their smartest had no idea about the way a good match looks, they just accepted the guys who got pushed as the stars and the guys who didn’t get pushed as the losers. Today you’ve got people booing the top babyfaces because they don’t meet the crowds own ideals, to the point where they even changed the WrestleMania main event based on it, wrestling is a changed industry.

  • Pissed Off Fan

    Roman Resigns winning??? Ehhh I’d rather hear….SOME BAD NEWS!!! About the title (wink)

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Id rather see Barrett win the belt over Reigns, i like Reigns but i dunno, he just comes across kind of generic

  • Nik Roseveare

    Huh?! Hogan vs Warrior is considered an absolute classic by the majority of fans and wrestlers alike!

    Sure, it wasn’t a technical masterclass, but in terms of how to work a crowd and how to lay out a match without exposing the competitors limitations, I’d argue there’s no better example in the history of WWE/WWF.

  • EaterofWorlds

    Their obsession with Reigns is obvious, they love attractive muscleheads with no skill, but I don’t buy the Bray Wyatt portion and I ESPECIALLY don’t buy the Barrett portion. They’ve screwed around with Barrett for years and wouldn’t have put the IC title on him again if they had any main event plans for him, they use that belt to kill guys momentum. Race to see who gets the world title first? As if they’d ever give the belt to an Englishman or a fat cult leader, get real. They both deserve it but that’s not how the WWE operates.

    Reigns vs Rock could be the worst main event since Hogan vs Warrior, and Brock vs Reigns isn’t going to be much better.