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Backstage News on WWE Putting Ryback In HIAC

– The decision to main event WWE Hell In a Cell with Ryback vs. CM Punk for the WWE Title was made on Monday afternoon after John Cena reportedly had another medical examination earlier in the day.

Cena’s right arm had improved significantly over the past week but doctors could not assure WWE officials that Cena would be ready in time for Hell In a Cell. The feeling was they needed two weeks of strong promotion for the main event and because they couldn’t get a solid answer on Cena’s status, the decision was made to go with Ryback.

We noted before that two scripts for Monday’s RAW were created – one building things up to end with John Cena getting the WWE Title shot against CM Punk and the other for Ryback getting the shot. Even after the decision was made to go with Ryback at Hell In a Cell, they still ended up re-writing his script for RAW that night.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Wellsy

    You feel so sorry for him that you called him a homophobic name? Mature.

  • Lord KGM

    Lesnar nor Nash will interfere, CM Punk will win fair and square against a popular but technically weak opponent in Gayback. I feel sorry for Gayback because he isnt ready and the WWE knows he is too raw with his range of offensive moves. This will be the perfect move tho considering Rybacks popularity and CM Punks stature.

  • Bastion Booger

    Kevin Nash is going to interfere in the match and shock Ryback with a cattle prod and Punk will win. Same way Goldbergs streak ended except Nash playing the part of Hall

  • My Morning Jacket

    IMO I think this is good for Cena. As a wrestling fan I’m sick of him always in the spot light but also concerned for his health. He needs to recover from his injuries and his divorce. I wish him a healthy recovery.

  • Ryback hasn’t cut a single promo and he is in the main event for the title meanwhile Alex Riley, Ted Dibase, JTG, R-Truth, and Zack Ryder remain in limbo. Great Job WWE

  • Men on a Mission

    @ Buttercastle, Dolph is the Smackdown MITB winner, so he can only cash in on World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus (or Big Show). He only came out and said he “deserved” to take Cena’s place in the HIAC main event… and that he would win then go on to cash in and have both belts.

  • Buttercastle

    Didn’t Dolph say he was gunna cash in his MITB at HIAC? He might after we see some sort of Punk victory wether it’s clean or interference. Punk will be weakened and he will come out and steal the belt?

  • keylo

    I can see why you lot are saying Brock will get involved, but it wont happen as REMEMBER he has only limited dates so what would the point of having him interfere only to missing for months.

    Still think they are pushing Ryback too quick into a main event when he really has being only working with the Jobbers and why not use Dolph ? As I hate his persona (reminds me of a wanna b Curt henning/rick rude, not his fault) but he has earned his way up and you have to give him that whether you like or dislike him, but VKM does like his big guys.

  • FanSince99

    Ryback hasn’t cut a single promo and he is in the main event for the title meanwhile Alex Riley, Ted Dibase, JTG, R-Truth, and Zack Ryder remain in limbo. Great Job WWE

  • Bill

    In all fairness, Cena becoming number 1 contender after all of this build for Ryback vs. Punk would be illogical. Cena was ok with Ryback getting the match via storyline, but if Cena got it, what would they have Ryback do? Just forget Punk & Cena & leave them alone? They wouldn’t have him go after Cena & get fans to dislike him. So I say that regardless of what happened to Cena, to me, the second Ryback confronted Punk backstage on Raw, he cemeted his title shot.

  • TheSheepDog

    i say brock costs ryback which may lead to a match at WM, i would not have thought this before, but seeing ryback now in main event and clearly has backing, who knows? I mean him going over a monster like brock could do wonders for him, and do we really need to see and obvious HHH win if he faces brock.

  • luckysalt

    Ryback v Punk is clearly going to end a no contest, no way Punk is losing the title and no way Ryback’s streak is ending, someone will interfere and attack Ryback on Heymans behalf and the Ryback will fued with this person and Punk will go back to Cena

  • xXx

    boy, as much as i don’t really like cena, they need to take him off tv for a while to mend. the guy is clearly running on fumes already

    ooh, i call no contest to the HIAC WWE title match too~

  • Sammo

    I’m surprised that WWE didn’t go with a triple-threat match. That way, Cena wouldn’t have to do as much work as he would have in a regular one on one match – plus Ryback would have had the benefit of two main event performers carrying him in his first PPV headliner.

    Ryback wouldn’t have to take a pin then either and thus soil his unbeaten streak (because I’m firmly of the belief that Punk will be leaving HIAC with the title).

  • wwefan07

    Cena needs an extended break. If they want to keep him fresh for the Road to Wrestlemania, just bring him back when the Rock returns to hype his return at the Royal Rumble.

    Cena has done business nonstop since 2008. He’s due for a break.