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Backstage News on WWE Signing Del Rey, Foley Comments on Sheamus, HBK

– Below is the latest YouTube Q&A from WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels:

– Mick Foley had high praise for World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus after last night’s WWE SmackDown. Foley wrote:

“Man @WWESheamus really thrives on intense, punishing matches. His stuff frequently makes me a good way. Locker-room leader, too.”

– A WWE source reports that WWE hiring top women’s wrestler Sara Del Rey is their answer to the problem of employing swimsuit models who end up getting frustrated and leaving such as The Bella Twins, Maryse, Maxine or Kelly Kelly. As noted before, the belief is that Del Rey will also help train WWE’s Divas.

Partial source:

  • john

    when the divas come out for all there 2 minute squash.. just simply means it’s time to get a beer or take a piss? isn’t it?

  • Buttercastle

    Well they won’t get frustrated of WWE accommodates to their interests. E.i. bra and panties or lingerie matches.

    Those matches are my interests also which doesn’t hurt 😀

  • Hes got a bicycle


    stupid white idiotic prick. i hope he dies soon.

  • Devil_Rising

    What a fucking concept. Hire actual wrestlers, and they won’t get sick of being wrestlers and quit.

  • SYM

    @Loopy420 was that a Black Joke?

  • Loopy420

    I think yofits needs to have some more fried chicken and waffles with some grape juice to was it all down with!

  • damkat

    So they have issues with swim suit models leaving, yet they let go of karma…makes perfect sense to me..

  • Danny

    i watch the divas matches when the divas i like are having a match… like layla has been putting on great matches… i also like watching matches from natalya and aj… the majority of people have just jumped onto a diva hate bandwagon… even if they put on one of the best matches in womens wrestling history people would still rip it and be negative… its these types of people that are the reason that wwe dont care much for the divas

  • yofits

    Dear Mister Vince McMahon and WWE,

    Nobody cares about Sheamus. He’s a ginger. He’s also a white prick.
    Like ‘fetch’, he is NOT going to happen.

    He’s the worst failure you’ve produced since Fatt Lardy’s European title run in 2001.

    Stop it now.

    the WWE Universe.

    PS: Real Mick, REALLY? Come on now ..

  • SYM

    I looked at that List of Models and said damn they were good in the ring too, then I saw Kelly Kelly’s name and immediately excluded her.

  • CC

    Since when has Kelly Kelly been frustrated and left … was obviously running out of examples to use.
    Simple fact is, it doesnt matter if they are swimsuit models or not, people in WWE or TNA get frustrated and leave. Was Gail Kim a swimsuit model?

  • poko

    Who knew that women who weren’t really interested in wrestling in the first place would get tired of it and leave, or use it as a stepping stone? Really, that’s so shocking. /sarcasm

    No, no one watches the Diva’s matches, but that’s because they’re bad, and have been bad for a very long time. If the matches were as good as what we see in the indies or in Japan, however, I’d watch in a heartbeat.

  • Moe

    honestly does anyone watch the diva matches. They are only on the card so people can go to the concession stands and get some beers!