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Backstage News on WWE’s Plans for Roman Reigns, Summer Rae Studies a Former Valet

– Some fans may have noticed that Summer Rae’s “Mean Girls” gimmick on NXT is similar to the mid-80’s UWF version of Missy Hyatt and that’s not a coincidence. Rae studied old tapes of the way Hyatt projected her character although the characters themselves are different. Dusty Rhodes knew this and the “First Lady of NXT” name they gave her specifically was modeled after Hyatt’s “First Lady of Wrestling” name.

– As of this past week, the plan to turn Roman Reigns babyface is scheduled to be fast-tracked. WWE officials are looking at him as being the new young golden boy of the promotion. On RAW this week they did nothing past put him in a position where his spear on Big Show was designed to make people pop.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • millerj265

    They really need to slow build this thing if there going to do it with any hope of it actually meaning something when it happens. He hasn’t exactly caught fire with the fans, and i don’t see them popping huge for him when he gets a tag in a match involving the other shield members. I get why they wanna turn him, and i get why he is the logical choice as guy who could be a top face(Ambrose is so good as a heel it would just be silly to not let him do what he is best at, Rollins would make a good face as well but since he isn’t as jacked or good looking as Reigns he isn’t the better choice in wwes muscle obsessed eyes) but if you just try and force him on the fans as the guy they should get behind in the shield without him organically getting over with the crowds it’ll never work. It didn’t do any favors for Orton when they turned him out of the blue and broke him away from evolution in 04 after he won the WHC, id say it really hurt him and damaged his momentum considering he lost the belt a month later to HHH and then went 2yrs without holding a championship in the wwe until he and edge won the tag belts in 06, and 3yrs till he finally regained a world title in 07.

  • Shawn OB

    What is this…”spear” you speak of? Really, I’ve never heard such a thing.