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Backstage Reaction To The Rock, Kofi Kingston Merchandise Marked Down

— Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been well-received amongst the WWE locker room. One WWE employee noted that everyone in the company should be pleased he’s appearing at WrestleMania because it means more money for everyone.

— has marked down all Kofi Kingston merchandise by 50 to 75%. Also note, WWE has not released new Kingston merchandise in several months.

The reigning Intercontinental Champion did not appear on this week’s episode of SmackDown.

— Former WWE Women’s Champion Lita appears from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Frank & Son Collectibles (located on 19649 San Jose Ave. City of Industry, California) on Saturday, April 16.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch


    Kofi is overrated and always screws up in matches. I fast forward or change the channel every time hes on. Crap I said CRAP!

  • You’re stupid

    All you people are stupid. Anon GM only does this stuff because you people react to it. Who cares if some random person on the internet is racist or says dumb things. You all react to it, so why wouldn’t he keep doing it. Just ignore him. It’s pretty easy.

  • keylo

    Anon GM, So by going by your theory that makes all Catholics Terrorists due to the IRA, ETA, and all Protestants are as well due to the UDA, LVF and UFF, and all Germans are Nazis I suppose too ? Listen you twat every religion and country has their wackjobs you tool including the good old US of A so pipe down and go play with your Barbie dolls.

  • HighVoltage101

    @Anon GM – If you ever expect to be taken seriously by anyone in life ever, stop making ignorant comments – it just shows you have the IQ of a coconut. Get out of your mums basement, observe the world for what it really is, and most importantly educate yourself.

  • Stashathan


    shut up hahahahahaha
    he may be annoying but Miz is a well deserved WWE champion and I hope that he knocks Cena all around ATL

  • rko


    This is not surprising.

  • CoolCoolRaul

    If he was released he’d be in ROH as soon as he could.

  • slim

    I forgot they even had an ic title anymore lol

  • me

    kofi is over rated to shit, botches every damn match, i cant stand him.

  • Sanjay

    @Anon GM…

    How ignorant are you? Making comments like this doesnt make you a big man, it purely shows how stupid you actually are.

  • WWE is currently having a sale on ALL merchandise. Not just Kofi’s. Ricky Steamboat’s DVD/shirt combo deal is marked all the way down from like 60 bucks to 5 dollars. There’s hardly anything on the site that isn’t on sale, right now, and hardly anything that’s on sale is above 50% off. It’s okay everyone, he’s not going anywhere.

  • Logan

    WWE must really hate that IC belt for some reason.

  • Paul

    @ Anon Gm……dude uncalled for racism. not all muslims are terrorists, only a small percentage of extremists are terrorists.


    why does kofi even have the title still then, they make him lose constantly, mark down his merchandise. What’s going on? Maybe they are going to either release him soon or turn him heel. I said turn him heel because I could see them making a storyline out of his losing streak and him being mistreated that he goes berserk on everyone something. IDK what will happen I just hope they keep him.

  • jim

    nothing new wwe pushing a great talent down and out.meanwhile that non talent miz is champion over john morrison

  • Jimbo

    Sounds like he’s getting future endeavor’d soon.

  • Anon GM

    Kofi is over rated.
    He’s not even Jamaican.
    He’s from Ghana = he’s a muslim = he’s a terrorist!!

  • Evil Doink

    Noooo! WWE needs black dudes!

  • In Grind We Crust

    I wonder if he violated WWE’s new “anti-marijuana” policy.

  • Trixie

    Is he going to get released?

  • mj

    WWEUniverse Wants More @ZackRyder On Monday Night Raw

    Kofi quit wwe! They are trying to bury you! Go to ROH or TNA
    WWE just SUCKS!