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Backstage Reaction to The Shield & Ryback, CM Punk Injury Update, HHH In Charge at RAW

– As noted earlier, CM Punk tweeted that he was undergoing x-rays today. Punk has reportedly been working with an injured knee and has been seen limping around in recent weeks.

– With Vince McMahon still overseas visiting United States troops serving in the Middle East, Triple H was in charge at Mondays RAW. There was a much more laid-back environment at RAW, with fewer rewrites. The general feeling backstage was that things will be less tense behind the scenes when Vince McMahon eventually steps down and hands the reigns over to Triple H and Stephanie.

– WWE was very satisfied with The Shield’s first promo on Monday’s RAW, with Dean Ambrose standing out as the group’s best talker. Roman reigns also came off as a star, with Seth Rollins still needing to improve his mic work.

– WWE was also happy with Ryback’s interview in the opening segment of RAW.

Source: PWInsider

  • stockshark28

    The Shield isnt that show on FX? Stupid name so stupid creative really needs to stop watching tv for names and try and think of something on their own! The Badge to debut next week or wait the Vadge an all Diva group!

  • mtlhitman

    @Diesel seriously stop bitching u know nothing about wrestling and @allofyouwhocomplainaboutwwebringinginnewtalentthatarebigandgotmuscleswellwelcometowrestlingalwayshadandalwayswillhavehugeguys so Ambrose was great – roman had a personality that gave him that star power and seth rolling need to improve a bit more and change is style because he is a new version of cm punl a lot feel the same he remind me of a young cm punk-Ryback is okay he did well.

  • hf part two

    Ryb@tch should team with The Big O & Zach Ryder and fight off the shield.

  • Ryback did do a good job of getting away from that Ultimate Warrior-seque way of speaking. That whole “my hunger grows deeper each passing moon ” lol Its okay….you not that deep dude. Keep doing butterfly curls and drinking strawberry flavored whey protein shakes…..

  • Nate

    They definitely did the right thing in keeping Roman quiet. He looked very much in charge even though he said hardly anything, and it made him quite the enigma. I am very interested to see more of him now.

  • hf part two

    The Shield?! LMAO

    Dumb Ambrose, Thorn
    Meth Rollins, Ironic Man
    Gecko Reigns, Captain Americunt
    Cm Skunk, The Infraggable Krunk
    Paul Hymen, Dick Fury

  • Tyler(:

    Oh Diesel shut the fuck up bitching.

    You know nothing of the reasons why he got called up instead of Ohno. Maybe WWE wants Ohno as a singles wrestler, maybe they want him to get used to that character abit more.

    Or maybe it’s too piss of the stupid fans like you that jizz over anything that has a connection to DGUSA/ROH.

  • Diesel

    I’m sorry, but Roman Reigns is just another big dude who’s only there because he has “the look”, I can’t believe he got called up and Hero/Ohno didn’t.

  • xXx

    the way middleton writes his report on ryback and the shield.. looks like someone is playing some TEW 2010

  • Jon-Jon

    Ambrose was great, Rollins has gotten much better on the mic, and Reigns jsut had an aura about him that screamed “star.” He barely said a word, but he gave off a star vibe. I haven’t seen him do much in the ring in FCW, though, so IDK what he can bring there. Have to wait and see..

  • poko

    Reigns said basically nothing, though he raised his eyebrow well. Rollins did very well, though, I thought. Ambrose is going to be great when they let him cut loose. The writing they have those guys was kind of cheesy.

  • ice-cream bar superstar

    I thought Rollins came off looking pretty good. He held his own.

  • i think roman was bad and seth was good but yes dean was absoultly the best