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Backstage Reaction to WWE Extreme Rules Main Events, Attendance News for SmackDown

– WWE will tape SmackDown this week from Toledo, Ohio. This is the same city last year where the non-camera side was only filled about two rows deep and there were only about 2,700 fans in attendance. The advance for this week’s tapings is a lot stronger than last year. For this year’s tapings, the lower bowl is already completely sold out and that’s at a $10 higher per ticket price than last year.

– The general consensus backstage last night at Extreme Rules was the pay-per-view came off well. The CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena matches received rave reviews.

There was a lot of chatter about Cena going over Lesnar in the main event. The feeling among most was that WWE should have waited before having Lesnar lose because getting a dominant former UFC Heavyweight Champion back on your roster doesn’t happen often and now Lesnar appears as just another talent on the roster that has lost to Cena.


  • Dean

    Wait, Cean lost to The Rock so he gets a pass for this one.

  • Gorilla

    And Orton cant follow what cena did with lesnar

  • Gorilla

    You think vince would let the face of his company take a loss to the former face of ufc

  • 1919dpg

    no mention of the world title match? i actually enjoyed bryan vs sheamus much more than the two main events. great match imo

  • Jimbo

    Easy fix, just have Lesnar destroy Cena on Raw and “injure” him.

  • Bill

    They should bill Lesnar as the “real winner”, since he got up just fine after the match, whereas Cena was terribly bleeding, & hurt his arm & leg. Plus, Cena’s probably taking time off, so that could add to it.

  • Splash

    Congrats to Brock and Jericho putting over the full timers but last night would have been great if Y2J and Brock won. Cena could play the triumphant returning superstar for Summerslam against Brock and Punk I think would be better off chasing Jericho. Why WWE is so anti heel these days is idiotic booking.

  • Disgruntled Wrestling Fan

    You would think that’s a stupid idea to have a “full-time” returning superstar lose to the top guy. Oh wait, that’s been done the past few months with Jericho and Lesnar. Idiotic booking