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Backstage Sin Cara News, Update on Mason Ryan’s Injury and More

– For the month of May, WWE shipped 271,000 DVD units. WWE’s website had 13.7 million unique visitors during the month and received an average of 839 merchandise orders through their shop website. WWE’s live event attendance for May was a low average of 4,633 paid fans.

– There are wrestlers in WWE unhappy with working against Sin Cara due to the lighting issues that come up when WWE uses the blue light during his matches.

– Mason Ryan’s injury that occurred outside of the ring is said to be a hamstring injury. If Ryan needs surgery, he could be out of action for six months but if he is able to rehab it without surgery, depending on the severity of the tear, he could be out from six weeks to three months.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • edo.risk

    @ JD, Mysterio was the best in ring performer of last RAW. And Del Rio is pretty good if u put aside your racist prejudments.

    Cara is finally geting the hold of things, his match with bourn was pretty good, a few mis calculation, like the finish, but good. But WWE should not over produce him, because it send the signal that his a star because of WWE shoved it in our face.

  • Sam

    @Sammo Alot of people use lol, it isnt bad and tbhwhen i watch raw(if i do which isnt often) the sin cara match is one of my favourite parts tbh

  • venom

    Can the color blind people see the lights? It’s funny how people are getting headaches over the lights. What is the point of these lights anyways? I hope WWE cleans out their locker room and gets rid of the jobbers.

  • Teran

    An argument about the usage of lol?



  • Sammo

    On the contrary. “lol” makes you (and everyone else who chooses to punctuate every freaking sentence with it) sound like an uneducated little girl – and it also seems like you’re trying hard to make a comment that clearly wasn’t funny sound funny. But in the process, you make it even less funny.

    So I guess there’s a hint of irony about it.

  • Digger

    Lol adds flare to the end, it makes it sound like a less attacking comment. Apology accepted.

  • Sammo

    @ Digger – ending a sentence with “lol” makes you sound like an even bigger pussy. (Unless you’re a 13 year old girl – in which case, I apologise.)

  • Digger

    @ Matt, i hope your joking. That is the single most pussy comment i’ve read in ages lol

  • Thestinger

    You poor thing matt..

  • Matt

    i don’t know about anyone else, but i skip the sin cara matches because of that light, gives me a headache.


    ricks comment =sarcasm

  • Stevie P

    LOL not Sin Cara’s fault on the lights. That’s all WWE.

  • rick

    Nexus will take wwe to heights we’ve never seen. What a faction!!!

  • JaYhAwK

    Sin Cara is there to replace rey when he retires so they have a light weight mexican wrestler and with del rio he is going along nicely I would say he needs to be pushed as a top heel and not feed to cena. As far as the lights I think they make the matches with cara stupid that gimmick is over a lighted ladder match with him and evan would be great for raw but as long as they leave rey out of it because those to can go and rey is allot slower then he was back in the wcw and ecw days a good program for evan and cara would be something to watch but turn off that light and let them go!!

  • theMark

    stop bitchin about the damn light!!! get used to them

  • mj

    mason is batista’s kid he gets injured right when wwe pushes him lol

  • JD

    It seems like everybody is complaining about cara… Get rid of him!!! Btw. While I’m at it… Does anyone else hate del rio and Mysterio??? It was cool when they were on smackdown since I never watch, but when their on raw I either change the channel or fast forward thru the TiVo.

  • Damien Phoenix

    So get rid of the lights