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Backstage Thoughts on Adam Rose, New WWE Slam City Videos

– As noted, new episodes of WWE Slam City were added to this morning. Below are new videos with The Finisher, Brock Lesnar, Sheamus, CM Punk, The Miz, Rey Mysterio and Damien Sandow. As noted, these were created before Punk walked out on the company.

– Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown averaged 2.276 million viewers, barely up from last week’s 2.271 million viewers. SmackDown faced major competition from Disney’s Tangled, the NFL Draft, the NHL playoffs and the NBA playoffs.

– There are a lot of eyes within WWE on Adam Rose right now as his debut was seen as a failure. It’s said that’s a bigger story than people are letting on but we don’t know why yet.


  • TheFizPop

    I think putting Ryder, Fanndaannngoo and Rose together would be funny, 3MB have gotten lost now, Heath needs something better and Drew needs to be in Evolution, they can take him, put him on the right track, then feud with Orton or something

  • Timothy Davis

    Should of let him stick with Leo Kruger and maybe join the Shield.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Lol perfectly said.

  • rabid

    Woooow so a virtual no name jumping up and down with a giant bunny then bouncing back up the ramp after doing nothing but crowd surfing a random group of ppl who are pointless was seen as a failure.. color me shocked and suprised.