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Backstage Update on Reported Problems Between The Rock and WWE

– There is said to be a strong disconnect between The Rock and WWE right now, although no side will admit it publicly.

Some people within WWE feel that The Rock didn’t do right by the company with his most recent a run. With that said, a source adds that there will always be people in WWE saying those kinds of things about The Rock.

Regarding the disconnect between Rock and WWE officials, the feeling is that everything will be smoothed out over time.

Source: PWInsider

  • Will Henderson

    oh i’m not buying this, if there’s nuclear heat on The Rock by the WWE then they wouldn’t promote his movies or mentioned his name or give us an update on his health.

  • d_pooch

    Right, so people talk, speculate, guess and form opinions. Got it!

  • Rodpop

    so… communication is bad but not really, because it will get better. amazing scoop there…