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Backstage Update on the WWE Network’s Possible Launch

– There were people within WWE that have been working with the WWE Network who were surprised to hear about E! picking up the WWE Divas reality show. Some didn’t know about it until it was announced online earlier this week. The Divas reality show was originally earmarked for the WWE Network.

Back in February, a WWE production memo stated that the planned start date for the Network was fall 2013. There’s a feeling with the Divas show getting picked up by E!, that’s a strong indication that the Network won’t be ready by fall or likely anytime in 2013.


  • Elvis Dolinski

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    Dude simply put wwe isn’t trying to be the Nbc or the tnt wwe network they already are partnered with USA and major cable outlets for there wwe 24/7 programming they are trying be what Nbc already is its own network. And guy I’m in a military family. So all that crap u just wrote above means absolutely diddly to me


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  • The Killswitch

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  • Will Henderson

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  • ShutYoMouth

    WWE needs to focus on their product being watered down with the exception of 3 or 4 Heels, rather than trying to work on a failed Network.

  • Will Henderson

    if WWE ever launches the WWE Network, they are gonna need a huge partnership with ether Viacom, Time Warner, Disney/ESPN or NBC Universal to launch the network. WWE needs to launch the network on of the least rated channel channels as in the cable TV version of a radio station format flip. before G4 announced they would become the Esquire Network, there was rumors that UFC or WWE would buy out G4 from NBCUniversal. so i can image that NBCUniversal would kill another low lated cable network they own to give the channel’s slot to WWE and let them run it.