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Backstage Updates on Sin Cara and WWE, Lawler and Funk Jr. Teaming Up

– In an update on Jerry Lawler and Dory Funk Jr.’s !BANG! promotion, Lawler will actually be teaming with Funk and Cowboy Cory Weston to take on Luke Spencer, Shane Chung and Blain Rage at the September 10th show in Ocala, Florida.

– For those wondering, it was Hunico who wrestled as Sin Cara at this weekend’s WWE live events and all signs point to him continuing as Sin Cara unless something changes.

Word is that people within WWE are telling Vince McMahon that Hunico may be the death of the Sin Cara character and because of merchandise sales, among other things, officials are afraid of having to drop the character. Vince was upset at both Hunico and the former Mistico at last week’s tapings. Vince had received reports that the original Sin Cara still had the same cocky attitude and ego once he returned from suspension. According to a source, he didn’t behave the way they wanted him to upon returning. Vince got the negative reports and made the decision to send the original Cara home.

It still has not been confirmed that WWE and the original Sin Cara, Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde, have parted ways.


  • kitty

    you all are a bunch of idiots…..i rather have the original sin cara then this fake one hes ruining who sin cara is…..everyone but little kids can tell that sin cara isnt the same wwe needs to put the original sin cara back hunico cant even do the moves the original sin cara can he aint a high flyer like the original…..he has to jump over one rope then move to the next one really come on now mystico could bounce from one to the other… my eyes mystico is way better than hunico and they need to bring him back and do something else with hunico because hes seriously killing the sin cara character……

  • renz

    agree with scsa852k! the character itself is over but the wrestlers dont seem to be taking it seriously. then again maybe its because they dont want to be something their not. prob want to represent a different character that represents what they believe people want. meh wat can you do, prefer huncio over the orginal anyway, hes bulker and looks more legit

  • scsa852k

    The character of Sin Cara sold.
    But the men playing the role simply failed.

  • Bill

    @CM Mark, your right. Hunico is way better than Cara wrestling WWE style, but they both aren’t very good. By the way, I don’t think your racist. Hell, I absolutely hate Orlando Jordan, never liked The Pope, & didn’t care most of the NoD(except Rock, Farooq, & I’m tolerant of Mark Henry). Does that make me racist? No. In fact, I love Devon Dudley, Booker T(not for his commentary), & The Rock. I don’t want to preach to you, but don’t pick on CM Mark like that. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. As for you, CM Mark, just ignore people who call you that. Mark isn’t a spammer like that yechiel guy & fake venom. I don’t want to pick any sort of fight here on W-E, but I’m saying. Besides, as a member of a heavily targeted ethnic group these days, I know racism or racial remarks when I seem them, & I don’t see them. Let’s just get back to taking about wrestling. Thanks for listening-… err, reading.

  • CM Mark

    I don’t hate anyone based on race. I just don’t like Sin Cara, he’s not as good as Rey. Either one of them. I still don’t like Del Rio on the mic, but I am willing to give him some props. His match with Morrison was pretty good last week and I went online and watched some footage from some of his older pre WWE matches and they were pretty good. He needs to quit slapping his thigh ten times a match it gets old but he has potential and apparently a better “attitude” than these two numb nuts misti and huni.

    Why does my opinion matter so much to all you people? DOn’t you guys have opinions? Why don’t you just post your opinions and let me have mine. It’s really tiresome defending myself all the time. Last time I checked I still had the right to free speech and an opinion. Why don’t you losers get an opinion and stop worrying some much about mine. THIS IS THE LAST TIME I DEFEND MYSELF ON THIS TOPIC.

  • Trixie

    It seems to me that neither of them is really great at portraying that character.

  • misfit del rio

    @ kal, lmao. Its what I’ve been saying for the longest time, that guy ( cm mark) is a real racist douche.

  • Kal

    Man you really hate your Hispanic wrestlers.

  • CM Mark

    You can always tell it’s Hunico because he does the little flip into a handstand off the top rope at the end of his entrance.

    I hope they send them both home.