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Batista Announcement Coming Soon, Hart Comments on Bryan’s Loss, Yes Chants

– Batista is teasing some announcements on his Twitter:

“Follow my manager @JohnnyRyanJr he’s going to be making some announcements about me VERY soon. #staytuned any guesses?!?!”

– WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart wrote the following on Twitter about Daniel Bryan’s loss at WrestleMania 28 and the feedback from fans:

“Very glad the fans were vocal in their displeasure of one of the best wrestlers on the roster being jobbed out in 18 seconds.”

– Daniel Bryan’s “YES!” chants were heard from the crowd at last night’s Miami Heat basketball game.

  • kitkrock

    he is going to announce he has a small penis because he is half filipino & all filipinos have small penises.

  • chronoxiong

    He’s going to announce that he is returning to WWE to face Brock Lesnar.

  • ChrisDV

    He’s been hiding his tattoos & using a Welsh accent for a year because he actually is Mason Ryan.

  • Pig

    He was cloned into Mason Ryan

  • adam

    Bret’s right that match was a joke. I mean its ok Bryan lossing the title but doing it like that makes the belt look like a joke. Also this was a time they could finally make him seem like a creddible champ even in a loss by just having it be a clean match. But no they decide to bury one of the best wrestlers they have. I also like that bret says he is the best wrestler they have when he was trained by HBK and William Regal

  • rko

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Batista return. The wwe must be offering a ton of money as they did for brock.

  • Mark

    Bret is right 100%

  • Shawn

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • 1919dpg

    they weren’t also chanting yes during raw. they chanted it a number of time during wrestlemania. especially during kane vs orton.

  • Titan

    He will announce that is a big fan of mason Ryan

  • xXx

    he’ll announce that he’ll tattoo his whole body up to his face.

  • Mark

    so long as its not a return to wwe i dont care

  • Splash

    Hopefully the major announcement is him getting a new hair cut after seeing that picture of him a few months back.