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- Fox 4 out of Florida recently profiled WWE’s Florida Championship Wrestling developmental territory. You can see the video below:

- WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart will be appearing at MVP Sports Collectibles in Victoria, BC, Canada on Saturday, June 25th from 2-4pm. Call 250-380-1958 for more information.

- Hornswoggle will be throwing out the first pitch at the Cincinatti Reds vs. Milwaukee Brewers baseball game on July 7th at 6pm from Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

- WWEDVDNews reports that Chris Benoit is shown a few times in WWE’s upcoming DVD set on WCW Nitro, even in the same segments as Nancy “Woman” Benoit. They add that there are no full matches of Benoits and the segments where he is shown, all commentary referring to him is muted.

  • TG

    Benoit actions were not in right mind as MVP stated. He obviously wasn’t mentally stable to do and act such as this. Remember how he was the greatest technical wrestler of this era and what he did for wrestling (yea the “w” word).

  • peep it

    You jackasses. We wall know what he did in wrestling. They will never make mention of him nor promote him in anyway. At the end of the day he killed himself, and his family. WHAT COMPANY on earth would even want the remote association with hey here the greatest technical wrestler who killed his entire family. I think not. We all know what he did in the ring, but thats not someone I care to see, going man that the same guy who waked his whole family. Plus from a business stand point is not real good.

  • jim

    who would want to see this scumbag

  • Chryogenos

    Benoit was in the best match i have ever seen, Triple H vs Michaels vs Benoit for the WHC at Wrestlemania XX, period!

  • nnla

    @ JIR

    The best of 7 series with Booker T was a classic also and it was only for the TV Title if I remember right. Loved watching that.

  • JIR

    I can’t even recall Benoit not having a good match and he had some great rivalry with Jericho, E. Guerrero. He truly shocked me when he did this to his family

  • Loose Cannon

    It’s agreed by the world it’s about time, no matter what feelings ran through everyone then he’s still apart of wrestling history, every match to every event that he was involved with is never seen like never existed, doesn’t matter how you look at it he was one of the best wrestlers that gave you everything day in day out….

  • muh boy

    if they ever make a hornswoggle dvd i will choke a kitten

  • Ron

    Exactly…as a wrestler, he should be in the hall of fame…
    As a human being… It’s a different story.

    However it’s a subject that will just cause arguments -_-

  • U ain’t Awesome

    While I dont like what he did, u can’t just erase him from wrestling. He is a legend and his acompishments shouldnt be ignored.

  • Justin

    I think it’s about time that they make a controversial DVD or something about him because you can’t ignore him forever and that would just hammer the nail into the “obvious” coffin.

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