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– Dolph Ziggler and World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus had a back-and-forth on Twitter last night. Here are a few comments:

Ziggler: “charisma=yelling ARSE or FELLA & nothing else of substance, good @WWE universe get behind who ur told to #ZigglersBetter”

Ziggler: “2 party system works right? Dont tell cena & shamus just keep cheering them & complaining @WWE #HellInACell #ZigglersBetter”

Sheamus: “@HEELZiggler Listen little FELLA when ur ARSE is that close 2 the ground u need ur granny behind u 2 wipe it & carry ur wee blue lunchbox.”

Ziggler: “@wwesheamus im the best damn thing going in sports entertainment but youre right, you ARE taller #ZigglersBetter”

Sheamus: “@HEELZiggler Hey blondie, @TheRock just called. He wants most of what u just said or will ever say, back. Jog on son.”

Ziggler: “@WWESheamus, @therock wouldnt call you, youre not a movie producer. but u produce a lot of Z’s #yawn #ZigglersBetter”

Sheamus: “@HEELZiggler Ok lad, it’s quite obvious ur kid sister hacked in 2 ur account & hijacked this little chat.So let’s just leave it in the ring.”

– As a reminder, WWE Champion CM Punk will be appearing at the Austin Comic Con in Austin, Texas today at 12:30pm. We’re seeking fan reports if anyone attends the convention.

– Former WWE Champion JBL gets the “Superstar Spotlight” on WWE’s website today.

– It was reported that Beth Phoenix likely finished up with WWE at last week’s RAW from East Rutherford, New Jersey but apparently that’s not the case. Beth tweeted today that she will be in Charlotte, North Carolina for Monday’s RAW.

  • TheSheepDog

    On a side note, conspiracy Joe, how in the hell do you watch WWE if you are soo cynical about legitimacy over TWEETS? you do know wwe is predetermined?! i.e they do not actually fight each other (pssst the matches finish are scripted)

    If not, sorry kid, UFC is thata way ——>

  • TheSheepDog

    wow there is always one. Perhaps if the WWE actually ENTERTAINED us more often, i would refer to them as entertainers. So as they are professional wrestlers, i shall call them such. And i do not define a ‘superstar’ to be someone only known in their genre of relevance, they are wwe superstars, which really, given they’re ALL referred to as superstars, loses much of its pedigree.

  • StocktonJoe

    WWE Superstars (they USED to be called Wrestlers) don’t do their own tweets any more that movie and TV stars do their own tweets or politicians do their own tweets. Never-were’s and has-beens send their own tweets. Any one who is an Are is too busy, and has someone do it for them. In the case of the WWE Superstars, tweets are sent out the WWE PR department. And the “WWE Universe” buys into it.

  • TheSheepDog

    Tbh, i am surprised wwe allow the wrestlers to actually tweet themselves, and not left up to the ol’ so original wwe creative to send them as the wrestlers.

  • Buttercastle

    I always pictured WWE Superstars sitting beside each other in the same room yet still Tweeting back and forth.

  • Dee durp

    Ziggler making Sheamus look like a chump. What terrible comebacks, FELLA.

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