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Beth Phoenix Moving To Raw?, The Rock & John Cena Featured On Magazine Cover

— Just two days before WWE’s annual Draft, Beth Phoenix is listed under the Raw Superstars folder on

Her profile page’s original URL source,, now redirects to However, “The Glamazon” is still listed as a member of the SmackDown roster.

It is possible that it is a glitch as her page, as well as Rosa Mendes’, were briefly unavailable this morning.

— An image of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shaking John Cena’s hand a few weeks ago on Raw is featured on the cover of the latest issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. The cover can be seen at

— WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas celebrates his 57th birthday today.

  • Steven

    Beth phoenix is not on raw roster. Re-Check your source at http://WWW.COM

  • KitKrock

    Beth Phoenix’s boobs are hard as rocks but I would still like to suck them, titty fuck them and cum on them.

  • venom

    Wow, looks like I have a fan out there pretending to be me. That was actually not cool. It’s probably that ScottHall4Life punk.


    lol I think that guy is posing as venom, if you read his earlier posts it is nothing like that. Same with Anon GM as well probably.

  • venom

    I swear thats a fake venom. Im the real one.

  • Sharan

    I hope she does move to Raw, so she can team up with Nattie again.:D

  • Loyal WWE Mark

    Cena Gonna Win.I bet you Rock gonna handshake cena after match and dus the peoples era finally ends

  • We all know cena is going to win at wrestlemania because he is the posterboy and mrposterboy isnt going to lose to old has been coming out of retirement. Hey sorry rock marks but im just stating the facts

  • Center

    “Venom” Dude really.

  • We all know the rock is going to pass the torch to cena and cena is the posterboy of wwe so hes not going to lose. wwe is not gonna let a guy come out of retirement for one match only to beat mr poster boy

  • Thestinger

    Why doncha adjust your mental state before commenting..

  • venom

    Man seriously though, I can’t wait til Wrestlemania 28 so The Rock and John Cena can have the match I’ve been waiting for. Two sexy ass dudes rubbing all over each other, MAN! I cannot wait. History in the making! Rock Bottom vs. FU/Attitude Adjustment. ZZThey can “Adjust” my “bottom” with their ROCK hard dicks!

  • jimbo jones

    i dislike the fact that one of the bellas is the divas champ too, but they’re also people too and they have a decent thing going with the “twin magic.” in a month though, well all forget the bellas were even in the hunt for the divas championship. Who remembers Alicia foxes title reign. i just remember that she was the champ for a short time, nothing special. we all know TNA is the place if you wanna see women’s wrestling anyways.

  • finallythekingjoinsin

    I would suggest that noone respond to the person whos clearly an idiot an wants attention

  • jimbo jones

    guess kong will debut on raw and beat up beth phoenix.

  • venom

    Looks like the Bellas have half of a brain each.

  • M.C.

    @cc & venom, they’re idiots. I read that when they signed with WWE, they called it worldwide wrestling entertainment when announcing it on their myspace or something

  • d

    i laughed when the bella’s said that it reminded me of when alica fox screwd up her promo a few months ago

  • JaYhAwK

    @CC yeah you are right about that but I think they are going to move beth to raw to feud with kong when she debuts. Which I think is a mistake because her video shows her going after the barbie doll diva’s and since her a gail kim already can put on a good match that should be kongs first feud or laycool. But it would make it better for them to have her debut on raw with the divas having a battle royal and then her come out and take on all the divas and have gail come out and battle kong and have them have a match at extreme rules.

  • kpnuttzlol

    This ought to be good. The diva’s title hasn’t been to Smackdown since Natalya reigned and took on LayCool.

    Hopefully Phoenix or Kong sorry Kharma will beat the crap outta both the Bella’s

  • venom


    Yea, I didn’t even think about that when Bella was talking to Eve.

  • CC

    It really makes no difference which show any of the women are on as the divas championship and the tag championship are the only championship that belongs to both brands, meaning that you can be champion no matter what brand you are on.
    I couldnt understand on Raw this week why the Bellas were saying it might be Eves last shot at the title as she might get traded to SD next week.