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Big Name Being Discussed for 2015 WWE Hall of Fame, More on Sting Appearing In WWE 2K15

– 2K Sports is filming commercials for Sting’s inclusion in the WWE 2K15 video game in Los Angeles this week. 2K reportedly filmed motion capture for all of Sting’s signature moves several months back.

On a related note, there has been talk within WWE of inducting Sting into the Hall of Fame next year since it will be in his home state of California.

Source: PWInsider

  • corijei

    Yeah that will defiantly be awesome. I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it other than being lazy. Over the past few games, quite a few wrestlers have at least 3 versions. Like in wwe 13 attitude era, Triple H alone had like 15

  • DKHardee

    I hope they have a few versions of him.

    – A late 80’s early 90’s Blonde Stinger version (maybe orange trunks, blue scorpion, white boots)

    – Bash at the Beach 1996 version (black trunks, colored scorpion w/ colored stinger wrote on pant leg, black/green/yellow face paint, brown hair)

    – Starrcade 1997 crow version

    – 1998 red Wolfpac version

    – 2001 Series Finale of Nitro Crow version

    I really don’t care about the Wolpac version but the others i’d like to see. Also, assuming superstar threads is in, the colors could obviously be changed.

  • corijei

    I really hope it’s not the Sting in the picture. Would be nice to see the oldskool colorful sting with the “A Man Called Sting” theme. Crow sting was just to dull IMO. Now if Total Package Lex Luger makes into the game, holly s***…