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More on the Big Show vs. John Laurinaitis Storyline, Steele Released from Hospital

– WWE Hall of Famer George “The Animal” Steele wrote on Twitter last night that he was just released from the hospital after an extended stay.

– After Big Show was caught by picking on John Laurinaitis at last week’s RAW Supershow by Eve Torres, the angle with Show and Laurinaitis continued over to SmackDown where Laurinaitis has demanded an apology this coming Monday.

In a new storyline article, WWE is now speculating that Big Show may be fired on RAW. WWE also teases that Triple H may have a role in the Laurinaitis vs. Big Show storyline.

  • shawn

    @Bill, i like that idea, but would they if they consider the fact that they had him turn on the Undertaker because he wanted to side with Vikki Guerrero?

  • Eve’s left nipple

    I really gave up caring about Big Show, Last time he was relevant was when he was managed by Heyman against Lesnar around 8 years ago. Retire already, He *was* the best big man until age and injuries caught up with him. Who can take a 7 foot man seriouisly in a beanie hat waving at people?

  • Tyler

    Big show may be fired the only one who should be fired is the one and only man who talks like a complete jackass John Laurinaitis oh one more thing I AM NOT SORRY

  • Eddie

    Wasnt it Heyman who gave The Giant the name of the Big Show?

  • Buttercastle

    I still don’t get how Laurinaitis is still the GM of either show or even still employed seeing as how he’s been the reason Triple H got hurt by signing Lesnar, then goes and attacks Cena. Granted its all part of the show, but honestly in real life someone who attacks an employee probably wouldn’t be working there anymore. Seems like you can get away with murder in the WWE and still keep your job!

  • devontet

    Big Show should help JL beat Cena

  • BlaH

    Wrestlezone has learned, according to several sources, that TNA has run through all of Matt Morgan’s contractual dates with the organization, and therefore creative ran the injury angle on Impact last night to write him off TV. Sources have also confirmed to WZ that WWE has shown a high degree of interest in re-signing Morgan upon the expiration of his contract later this year.

    It’s worth noting that during an exclusive interview conducted for Pro Wrestling Torch last month, Morgan did say that he would not rule out a potential return to WWE.

  • poko

    A Laurinaitis/Big Show feud. That just screams excitement, doesn’t it? Now they just need to get Kahli involved.

    Who backstage really thinks that this is interesting?

  • Jeff Miles

    Somehow, someway, they need to turn Big Show heel. Maybe as Paul Wight?

  • Bill

    Why not have Big Show attack HHH on Raw & say he was working with Laurinaitis & Heyman the entire time? It be a really good change of pace from his very flat face character.

  • Nicholas

    HHH is going to fire John soon watch an become the new GM of Raw and Smackdown.

  • Stevie P

    The whole “firing” thing is so played out. Do people really buy it anymore?