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The Big Show Talks About Taking Punk & Cena Out on Raw

WWE talked with The Big Show after he took out both John Cena and CM Punk on Monday night Raw. When asked what his statement was when attacking both men Monday night, he said, “I make statements every night. Eighteen years I’ve been banging my heart out night in and night out.”

Asked whether he feels he is an underdog going into his match up on August 19th at Summer Slam, he replied, “Do you think I’m an underdog at Summer Slam? I hope John Cena and CM Punk completely forget that I’m in the match. Because if they slip on me by an inch, I will have the WWE Championship for real.”

After pondering the idea for several seconds he then concluded with, “Yeah, forget about me. That’s a good plan.”

  • ant

    I’m enjoying Show’s push more than I ever would have believed. He’s showing more personality than ever before, and damn it all, it’s believable that he would be hard to beat at that size. I like it and I wouldn’t mind seeing him with the title for awhile. Would be better than Cena with it.

    Show us that Big Show can be dominate for a long period of time, not just a 3 month run, and I’ll buy in.

  • Ant

    Big Show needs to win a world title and show he is as intimidating as they try to show he is. He is over 7 feet fucking tall yet he hasn’t won a world title in over 10 years. (Not including that short lived WHC last year) I know he is probably helping putting over talent but he needs at least one decent world title reign. He’s the world largest athlete and yet WWE creative are making him the worlds largest jobber. Even though I like CM Punk and want him to verse The Rock at the Royal Rumble I want The Big Show to knock them the fuck out and hold the title for a few months.

  • Paton

    why the hell is this guy still in the main event, he failed with ANOTHER push.

    Show should be thankful Del Rio is on the go or he’d be the most boring man in the WWE