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Sting Article on WWE’s Website, Black History Month Video for Xavier Woods, WWE-DISH Network

– Bill Apter’s latest column on looks at the many faces of Sting over the years. Apter wrote:

“More than 25 years since he became a good guy, Sting is still a presence in the ring, as well as at numerous charity events. He’s a true legend with a constant drive to always be one step better than the day before. His best days may still be yet to come.”

– Below is a Black History Month video for Xavier Woods:

– There to be conflicting reports regarding WWE elimination Chamber on DISH Network. One reader was told by a customer service manager that DISH is no longer carrying WWE pay-per-views at all. The manager had “no comment” when asked if this was due to the launch of the WWE Network.

  • Tim

    The problem with setting up Taker – Sting a year in advance is that Taker does not know a year ahead of time if he will be able to wrestle. They won’t start a build unless he is confirmed but due to his injuries, that’s too risky a year out.
    Id rather them just have Sting make some random appearances for awhile or even feud with some top heel until Taker commits to an appearance and have them start the build around Survivor Series or so. Use a slow build for sure.

  • Truth B Told

    Actually, it’d be pretty simple to sneak in a subtle detail like a WM31 banner. Just have it rolled up in the rafters and have the announcers/commentators do a “reveal” for where next year’s WM will take place, which will be stated on the banner. Maybe some light pyro as they do and what not. Then the deal goes down as you described and with the banner now hanging out in the open, he points at it.

  • BiggEZ


  • BiggEZ

    I LIKE IT!!!

  • the v

    Dont get your hopes up too high people, knowing wwe they will stuff this up too and make him Corporate Sting, or tag team partner with the Iron Shiek for the tag titles, dont be suprised!

  • DKHardee

    I would like that but maybe if Sting didn’t interfere in the match. Maybe after ‘Taker wins and he’s celebrating the lights start flickering. Flickering enough to where we could still see ‘Takers face and he starts looking around confused. He stands up looking around for about 3 minutes, at this time the lights are no longer flickering but he’s looking around still confused as to what’s going on. Then the lights go out completely and when they come back on Sting is standing in the ring wearing his signature trench coat and white facepaint. ‘Taker walks over towards Sting real fast like he’s going to attack but Sting drops a baseball bat out of his sleeve and extends it out and stops ‘Taker in his tracks with the bat now up against Takers chest. They just stare at each other for a minute and Sting gives Taker a shove with the bat. Sting then tosses the bat down towards Takers feet and turns around with his back towards Taker. Taker picks up the bat…. then i don’t know what happens and someone else needs to finish this story, lol.

  • D2K

    There have already been interferences in Taker’s streak. Arn Anderson at Wrestlemania X-8. HBK superkick at Wrestlemania 28. Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 13.

  • The Killswitch

    I think that scenario would work better if it weren’t with Taker, and it weren’t at Wrestlemania 30. An interference in a Streak match would kind of ruin it for me, I don’t know about anyone else.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Indeed. It’s interesting, though, to see all the comments on WWE’s Facebook page. It’s apparent there are a lot of fans that not only remember Sting, but really want to see him in WWE. I know some feared the current audience would be oblivious to who he was. I think WWE is testing the waters here just to see what kind of fan interest there is and how much they know/remember of him. So far, so good.

  • D2K

    That would be my guess as well, however there s one cool scenario in which all the aforementioned plans with Taker and Sting could still take place.

    Have Brock/Taker at WM as planned. Have Brock give Taker every finisher he can and Taker much like against Triple H still refuse to stay down. Then out of rage Brock gets the chair (this would be a NO DQ match ordered by Paul Heyman) starts to wail away on Taker much like he did with the Big Show. Then the lights go out. They come back on and Sting is in the ring. He pulls out the ball-bat and beat Brock Lesnar down. Taker hits the Tombstone on Lesnar and gets the win. Taker and Sting stare each other down. Sting hand Taker the ball bat and turns his back as he has so many times before. Taker doesn’t hit Sting but gives him the bat back as Sting leaves through the crowd so that Taker can revel in his victory.

    The next night on RAW Taker shows up and calls Sting out to which he is much obliged. Taker asks Sting why he did what he did. Sting makes it known that it is because HE wants to end the streak himself NEXT year at Wrestlemania XXXI. That match is set up and a year of build up much like Rock/Cena.

    Just something I was tossing around. I would prefer to have a Wrestlemania XXXI banner in eh arena or a graphics on the Titantron to where Sting could remain silent and just point to it with the ball bat, but I doubt they would have the initiative to think that way.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Yes but not everybody really watch TNA hate to say it but it true. But also when It comes to Sting always will see him as WCW wrestler who never debut in the WWE. I believe it is all but confirmed. Now only when and where he will show up. My guest is really the day after Wrestlmania.

  • The Killswitch

    My thoughts as well. Looks like they’re re-familiarizing us with him, although most of us know who he is if anyone knows he was in TNA.

  • D2K

    All but confirmed now. Just trying to keep it a surprise I guess.