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Bound For Glory Update, Recent TNA Attendance, More

– The TNA live event on September 20th in Salem, Virginia drew 450 fans. The show on September 21st in Winston Salem, North Carolina drew 650 fans.

– TNA’s new UK reality show is said to be the pet project of Jeremy Borash. Borash was busy working on the show this past weekend so he missed the TNA live events. To make up, they played a tape of him introducing SoCal Val as the ring announcer for the night.

– There was no talk at Thursday’s Impact Wrestling regarding the return of Matt Morgan to TV.

– TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view has got off to a good advance as far as ticket sales go. The venue will be set up for around 3,800 seats.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • eric

    I went to my first tna live show in my hometown. it was little venue a civic center. there was alot of empty seats in that civic center. which goes back to jbl question. he said he doesn’t know why tna can’t fill seats? it is like wwe is bigtime rock band like metalica, or foo fighters who draw alot money. sell out big arenas sell millions and millions in record sales. wwe is foo fighters or pro wrestling. tna is 30 seconds to mars. a little alterative rock band that can’t fill seats. or sellout big arenas. wwe is foo fighters tna is 30 seconds to mars!

  • eric

    yeah they have lousy market people working for them. jbl was guest on honky tonk man radio show last year in 2011. i listen to it on youtube. jbl said he doesn’t know why tna can’t fill seats. honkey jbl said all guys angle, hardy, dudleys, rvd, jarrett drew money in wwe. jbl said wwe can put name wwe on banner. it will fill seats. htm said they can take kids out of florida. make them stars in 6 months in wwe. yeah i have agree with jbl honkey. guys in tna angle hardy dudleys drew money in wwe. angle wrestlemaina19 drew 54,000 people wm22 drew alot money. jeff hardy in 2009 as 2 time world champion drew alot money with his shirts to little kids. selling out arenas. dudleys were mad over in wwe. tna in my opinion seems like noone can draw big money. if angle were to come back to wwe. i bet he could draw big rating and draw alot of fans. as he did when he left in 2006. he was world heavyweight champion in 2006. had great year in wwe. dixie is bad promoter. vince mcmahon is greatest promoter is world. even dave metlzer said in 1999 beyond the mat movie. which i have on vhs tape at my place. vince mcmahon is one of best promoter. dave right. vince is best at promoting talent making stars. from hulk hogan, randy savage, nash, bret hart, hbk, angle, hhh, goldberg, lesnar etc all became stars. because of vince mcmahon 5 star promoting. just as jbl said on htm radio show. it is promoting machine. tna is going no where!

  • mtlhitman

    The day they really going to make money is when the buyrate will be between 5000-10000 seats they need cash to grow up !