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Breaking News: Jeff Hardy Arrested

According to an article on, former WWE star Jeff Hardy was arrested for “trafficking in controlled prescription pills and possession of anabolic steroids,” and is currently in Moore County jail.

The report claims Hardy was arrested after a search of his residence revealed he was in possession of 262 Vicodin prescription pills, 180 Soma prescription pills, 555 milliliters of anabolic steroids, a “residual amount of powder cocaine” and drug paraphernalia items. The report notes that “Vicodin and anabolic steriods are Schedule III substances”, while Soma is a non-controlled prescription pill.

The search was part of a joint investigation conducted by the Moore County Sheriff’s Office narcotics and select enforcement units and the Fayetteville Police Department.

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  • simone

    I take painkiller for the same reason that jeff does I also like Jeff have herinated disk in my back and injured neck. I think someone is trying to set him up it could have been a friend that could have put cociane and steroids in his house to mess his career up you don’t know.

  • Cm Punk

    JUST SAY NO!! I was right all along!!!! And you guys booed me!! I don’t get it. Everyone needs to live the straight edge lifestyle. Now you all see who the real Jeff Hardy is. And even if it is exaggerated we ALL saw his mug shot.

    Your Welcome.

  • wwe_fan

    calm down, everyone, stop saying bad things about Jeff.After all, he’s just a human, that means he makes mistakes.I just hope that he learns from his mistakes and be a better man.

  • joesus

    they didn’t find his meth?

  • vans

    i have no more fcking respect 4 jeff

  • Paton

    why do people keep saying this is his wake up call, haven’t we said that at least 3 times, what will be different this time

  • The Truth

    well jeff has convince me..I will smoke a fatty now cause if jeff does it , that must mean its good. He is my role model

  • Kevin

    Reading these comments I notice every one has an opinion and for the most part there bad. How can you talk shit about some doing drugs when you probably just got done smokin a fatty or doin a line?

  • Chris

    RRIIIGGGHHHTTTTT Cy, the WWE writers have that much pull that they can convince law enforcement to release phony information all for the purpose of a fake story line.

    Now, back to the real world, so what if Jeff is a junky? Him doing drugs doesn’t really matter to anyone else, it only hurts Jeff and those who care about him. We only see him on TV, so if he wants to shoot up or whatever, go ahead.

  • Raziel

    I thought Punk brought it up because the WWE has awful writers and he couldn’t think of any other thing to say during the feud

  • Cy

    LOL!!! You guys are falling for this I can’t believe it!! It is part of the act folks. TMZ is like the least reputible source in the world look at how they handled the Shawn Merriman mess and how they dropped false info to the world. There is a reason Punk was saying that crap on-air, this is all a ruse to keep you marks on point!!!

  • Tony A.

    That’s why Jeff wanted to leave.

  • Raziel

    every former user is still capable of a relapse look at Kurt Angle

  • kac

    this just proves that jeff is just as big a baser as i thought he was

  • Mark

    you never know… the news exaggerates EVERYTHING………….. ok so Jeff has problems…… but dont we all?

  • Farooq


  • Joe O.

    TMZ just reported his arrest. Just go to their website to read all about it. This news is not false. It is in fact quite true. Matt even bailed him out.

  • dodger


  • Raziel

    Jeff should do Celebrity Rehab

  • Josh

    People go through things. Not everyone lives a risk-free life style. I have no idea how this story would make people angry at Jeff Hardy.

    Jeff is human and we as humans, are sinners. EVERYONE has their demons and EVERYONE has their vices.

    This may end up be Jeff’s wake up call. Learn from mistakes is all we can do as human beings.

  • Raziel

    What did Jeff stand for, being Extreme, who cares how these guys live their personal lives, just put on a good show

  • vide

    wow, i am not gonna believe this yet till i see some proof but if this is really true then i spit on jeff hardy and whatever he stood for. I’m sure right now vince is in his office looking at HHH and saying…”whew, good thing we let him go” WOW!! Damn i guess the Cm Punk storyline was created on the right moment…although i feel bad for matt..he has to go through this crap AGAIN..damn…dont mind me for saying this but i hope Jeff goes to JAIL

  • The Truth

    U guys don’t get it.. he was always on drugs but remember the wellness program only applies to midcarders not superstars like batista, HHH, orton , cena, and so on… and rey doesn’t count.. hes a scrub.. so they were not going to suspend jeff during his cm punk rivilery , too much money was being made.. and CM PUNK was right all along!!! hahahahahah, he was tellin the truth and people booed him for being right

  • ted

    Shame on you, Jeff. You’ve tainted the image you left behind in the wwe. Kiss your reality show goodbye.

  • Paton

    so much for the new improved Jeff, it just shows they never change and he will not be an exception

  • Jimbo Rogers.

    Any of the idiotic Hardy fans will tell you his drug use is in the past. Hmm…..

  • Droobles

    I’m not all that surprised. He seemed to clean up a bit since being in the WWE, and although he was likely on drugs during his main event push due to his injuries, his time there always seems to straighten him out a bit.

    The only comment here that stood out to me was the fact that he probably “makes more money dealing drugs than he does in the WWE”.

    Lemme tell you, drug trafficking is a piss poor business, and most people get the shit end of the stick. Quick money? Sure. Not enough to live his lifestyle, though. Even the best drug lords make below 100K a year, and from what I’ve seen all over, the biggest WWE stars can pull that much in a month if they play their cards right.

    Just sayin’.

  • Chris

    Why’s it so hard to believe the report? We all know Jeff has a history of drug use. The only thing I might not believe is that he was planning on dealing. The rest, that he had all those drugs in his house, 100% believable.

  • Raziel

    ^^^,who honestly is affected here by a wrestler doing drugs

  • FTR


    It’s so great to have a drug free champ

  • Joe Piscapo

    OMFG, you gotta be kiddin’ me. No wonder he was tryin’ to get out the WWE. Son was about to hit them streets and slang that yay.

    I’m pretty sure we won’t see him on WWE tv for a long time. SMH.

  • street speed

    what a looser… just screw wwe.. and join the best wrestling organisation TNA..

  • Kane

    if he was going to sell all of those pain pills, guess who he would probably be selling them to? wwe knows the only way for almost anyone to work on their schedule is to take a bunch of drugs. i’m not saying that if he is guilty of all of this, that it’s okay. but how many more stories like this or stories of guys dying do there need to be before wwe changes their schedule? wwe may think they dodged a bullet on this, but it’s almost a given that people in the locker room were involved in this. we’ll have to stay tuned for the rest of the story.

  • Raziel

    If he goes to ass-rape jail I’ll believe this report

  • Aaron

    Well Jeff’s put on his twitter that it’s all an exaggeration. So wouldn’t believe this story..

  • Worldclasshero

    Well I guess Jeff Hardy left the wwe to deal drugs probaly makes more cash dealing then he does wrestling

  • Raziel

    goddammit Jeffery, the WWE keeps him clean, whenever he leaves he just bottoms out

  • Daniel Schein

    Well he’s certainly lucky his contract was up and this won’t cause a strike against him. Obviously Jeff has some issues……this very well may have contributed to his leaving….he just figured he’d get busted eventually anyways.

  • 6burgh

    holy sh*t….jeff might be the next one on the RIP list

  • nothing but the truth

    CM PUNK was rite! what a loser!