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Bret Hart on RAW Tonight?, Randy Orton Comments on Christian, More

– Readers in attendance at last night’s Over the Limit pay-per-view sent word that before the Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler match, you could see the WWE ring crew adjusting the bolts in Cole’s Colemine so he would go through it easily when Lawler threw him through it.

– Randy Orton wrote the following on Twitter last night after his match with Christian: “Got to give it to Christian, every match we have against each other is a ppv match.Tonight was just like any other Seattle was a great host!”

– There was talk last night at Over the Limit that Bret Hart would be appearing on tonight’s WWE RAW from Portland.

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  • venom

    Even tough Christian lost last night, he is proving that he is mainevent material by facing Orton. These matches two are having are really good.

  • Rucdogg

    None of us know how hard Christian or Orton works to get where they are so we cant really say who deserves it more. And just becuase you may deserve the title that doesnt make it good for business. If I was in Vince’s shoes I would def give the title to Orton over Christian. I have been watching Christian since he came to wwe and his stint in tna, and hes just not a world title guy.Too small, not athletic like people his size, not strong and his mic skills havent been great since he split with Jericho years ago.

  • with all that being said….Christian doesn’t care if he has the title or not…he won it once and its part of his tv character to not have the title….he wants to stay on tv and main event ppvs and the best way for him to do that is as a face who doesnt win the title or as a heel who doesnt win the title…if he’s getting paid then a belt with metal on it doesnt change a thang

  • @notingham

    even if he isn’t a world title guy he deserves a chance…many people think he is a world title guy and that earns him a chance to carry the belt at least for a program with a few guys…he exhibits the skill and persona of shawn michaels who by your definition at the beginning of his career was also a tweener who got the chance to carry the ball and ran with it….tweener or not he deserves a shot to prove himself and fail rather than be kept down by fans like you who “just don’t see it”

  • JIR

    Christian is a guy that has busted his as for well over a decade this was his dream job from the get go Orton well he had to go to the Marines and get dishonorably discharged before he found wrestling as his calling no hate towards Orton but Christian has worked longer to become a World Champion. Orton, while he still deserves it would not have gotten to the top faster if his family didn’t have some influance

  • Notingham

    i LIKE Christian…. I really do… But do folks really think he is a world title guy? I mean he’s pretty good on the mic, but not great. His in ring work is good… But it’s hardly anything exciting. He’s a tweener type guy who isn’t a high flyer, but also isn’t a power guy and not very technical either. I love what he’s done as a body of work, I just don’t think he’s a world title guy.

  • Valo487

    I love the way Orton says that like he’s surprised or something. Christian was a professional while he was getting kicked out of the marines and worked for everything he ever got, and yet for some reason we’re supposed to root for Orton over Christian. Yeah ok.

  • Truthiness

    “There was talk last night at Over the Limit that Bret Hart would be appearing on tonight’s WWE RAW from Portland”

    Talk by who? Some people in the crowd?

  • muh boy

    i hope christian punches him in the nuts for the title then stays face lol

  • rko

    Vince has to give the world title back to Christian. I hope Christian turns heel and wins the title back via dirty move.