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Brock Lesnar Discusses Working for Vince McMahon and Being in WWE

– Brock Lesnar recently spoke with Jeff Wagenheim of Sports Illustrated to promote UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter and his new book. Here are some wrestling-related highlights: Let’s switch the conversation from a strong woman to a couple of headstrong men. In moving from the WWE to the UFC, you went from having Vince McMahon as your boss to working for Dana White. How are things different?

Lesnar: One thing about working for Vince: I never was able to get a really good read from him. He’s dealt with a lot of entertainers in his day. But when I sit down and talk to somebody, I just want to shoot straight and have the same thing done to me. You can’t take this away from Vince, though: He has taken his product and made it very successful. Are you happier in the UFC? Is it a better fit for you?

Lesnar: I finally found my calling, and it’s to be an ultimate fighter. But don’t get me wrong: The WWE did a lot for me. They made me a household name throughout the world. It’s just that in the WWE, the pen and paper are pushing you, along with the man behind the company. In the UFC, I kind of had to make my own name. Dana wants to see you do well, but at the end of the day you’ve got to get in there and execute the job.

  • rob

    you’re right rick @, your definition is most certainly…. different .just by the fact that you mention their names and you live in Australia , makes them household names . wasn’t even on their flagship program ? can i have some of what you’re smoking ? RAW and SMACKDOWN have always been equally popular , there wasn’t just one flagship program , there were and are two . maybe you’re only able to get one program in Australia , don’t know.

  • @rick
    and Stone Cold….and Doink

  • rick

    I guess our definition of the term household name is different.
    I’m not saying he wasn’t a big star, but he was on top of the business when the wwe was losing popularity, and he didn’t even wrestle on the company’s flagship program. He wasn’t as famous as John Cena is now and Cena is not a household name. Most people in my country of Australia had no idea who he was till he became a ufc superstar.
    Personally I think the term applies to people like Hogan, Andre, Macho and The Rock.

  • Reservoir.Dog

    I agree with Devil Rising, it’s as if Mayweather decides to move to from boxing to mma he will get a lot of push because of what he has got, and because his name will sell and of course if he does okay within his first couple of fights he could get a shot at the title. Oh wait, Wasn`t he in a WM match?
    Sounds like those married with WWE are bitching around.

  • Devil_Rising


    Get real. Brock Lesnar is certainly a tool who’s totally full of himself. But for two years there, he WAS a household name in WWE. There’s a reason he main evented WM19. There’s a reason him versus Goldberg was a big deal (even though it turned out to be a total flop of a match). He was the top guy in the company for at least a year there, along with Angle and HHH. So yeah, he was a “household name”. Whether Dana White will admit it or not, it was BECAUSE of his fame in WWE as a technical wrestler, that he got the push he did in UFC. And whether MMA fans want to admit it or not, in it’s own way UFC is just as rigged and set up as WWE is.

  • rick

    @Peep this
    I know who Barry Horowitz is, doesn’t make him a household name.

  • Marky Mark

    Yeah… you had to make your own name in the UFC… sure… that’s why you lose your first fight, then beat Herring who wasn’t even a top 15 ranked fighter, and then with a 1-1 record in the company, get a title shot, against a guy who is over 40, and magically has the belt again himself, after quitting the company along with not competing both for over a year. Yeah… just happens like that for everyone, huh? Everyone takes that road to make it themselves, huh…. Tool bag.

  • Peep this

    If he not a household name how come you know who he is?

  • Camille

    Lol Brock was never a household name in WWE.

  • venom

    Brock, you will see yourself fail soon.