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Brock Lesnar Retires from UFC, WrestleMania & Lesnar Trend

– After losing in the first round of the UFC 141 main event to Alistair Overeem, Brock Lesnar announced his retirement from UFC. Lesnar said he promised his family he would retire, thanked Dana White and the fans.

Moments after he announced his retirement from UFC, Lesnar’s name and “WrestleMania” were trending worldwide on Twitter.

  • Tombstonepildriver

    Damn! God help me! Hell has frozen over!
    I have to agree with Freakzilla, Shit i didnt want to ever do that.

    Ive said it before and I will say it again.
    Brock failed at pro footbal, Went to WWE, got injured and bailed, Failed at pro footbal once again, Went to UFC where at first he was awesome, Then he starts being sick more than he is fighting. Then he loses to Overeem and quits.
    It’s pretty damn clear that Brock cant handle the pain.

  • roaddogg

    brock has that illness no way he can take a major bump anyway

  • Max

    In itself, taker vs hhh doesn’t suck, but like you said, 3 times at wrestlemania= shit.

  • Nick

    GUYS, Lesnar is not coming to WWE , well at least not 1/2/2012, and the match has already been made guys, HHH VS TAKER, i know it sucks, but just saying

  • Jay

    You guys must be stupid or crazy if you think if Lesnar goes back to the WWE, he’s gonna job to anyone. He’s a bigger star than anyone on the current roster. Maybe he’ll accidentlty throw a real punch and knock Cena the fuk out.

  • luckysalt

    Brock isn’t going to be the guy returning to WWE just 3 days after a UFC PPV.

    Maybe down the line, but experience shows it takes Brockn ages to apply himself.

    Plus his health isn’t the best to do a WWE schelude.

  • Jbrd

    @Stashathan,Piss off you Crybaby..

  • Stashathan

    NO!!!!!!!! Brock should never come back to wwe he disrespected us wwe fans.
    And to think i was supporting his UFC career. Hes the fake not wwe

  • Justin Sane

    (oops) he’ll be in the rumble

  • Justin Sane

    You had to see a wwe return coming. Maybe I’ll be eating my words but he’ll be in the .

  • Bill

    Hmm, is WWE fake now, Lesnar? His loss, not ours.

  • simon07

    Only question is can he handle the ‘fake’ wrestling world after being in the real world of UFC for so long.

    It’s laughable how some on here can insult the rock for being a sell out but then want Lesnar back, he is clearly a bigger sell out. He should just stay away, he wasn’t actually that good when he was in the WWE before, people moan at Cena got only having 4 moves, Lesnar doesn’t have many more. And finally people moan about WWE only signing ‘big’ guy, thats what he is. So he’s three bad things packaged into one but loads of people want him back? Okay then.

  • milkduh

    Lesnar vs Austin

  • CenaSucks

    Coinsidence that he retires the week before a major superstar is due to return to wwe?


  • Albert

    Dont know about all of you but i would prefer Big Show to go Heel and face Lesner at WM. Undertakers match is good no matter who he goes against. They need more great matches so yea 🙂

  • MikeCrazy

    I would love to see Brock return to fight undertaker at wm28. I would also love it if he destroys Cena afterward. There’s yo big guy Vince/HHH and he can actually wrestle.

  • ddrd

    My guess is – if Brock returns, he will most likely job to Cena. They’re gonna build Brock up again just so Super Cena could apply the “Attitude Adjustment” and go nuts. Then he might job to Cody Rhodes and then to Hornswaggle or whatever that leprechaun’s name was. And then just for good measures, he might job to Beth Phoenix, ‘cuse that’s PG and that’s how PG rolls …
    Now on the real side of things – he is most probably not coming back to pro wrestling.

  • ZachRyderSUKS

    1/2/2012 Here comes the pain.

  • ZachRyderSUKS

    2/2/2011 – Here comes the pain.

  • fuck brock lesner

    Brock is a bum suprised he lasted this long all he did was lay on people

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Originally I wanted Taker vs Foley. Now I want Lesnar to end the steak!! Fuck HHH vs Taker, Vince Brock will bring in $$$ if they set up that match at Mania. Wrestlemania can make crazy $$$ with matches like Cena/Rock & Y2J/Punk & Taker/ Lesnar!!!

  • Ghost

    Lesnar will have terrible ring rust if he were to be the one coming on the 2nd. I think its Jericho like most of the people on here. Lesnar should stay retired or maybe pick up a hobby like personal training. He can tell people how to get into shape and bad mouth them until they do.

  • Soulshroude

    So Lesnar, Goldberg, and speculated Shane and Steph to come back, am I getting this right?

  • ice-cream bar SUPERstar

    @Jay & Freakzilla
    I agree, the guy is a complete prick. Unfortuantely though I have a gut feeling he will wrestle again.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Come back to WWE so he can half ass another Mania match then salute the paying fans on his way out? No thanks. Stay away Brock.

  • Whooper

    Can the PG WWE handle Brock Lesnar? Better question, will he want to come back to this?

  • Freakzilla

    Stay the hell away from WWE Brock. The amount of disrespect he’s shown the fans that made him is sickening. Wrestling gave him everything and he has shown it nothing but disrespect. Cue the love brock hate rock brigade.

  • Jbrd

    The Pain is coming back!

  • JIR

    Let the speculation begin I think he would likely become a Fox analyst for UFC events. Lesnar good for you making a promise to your Family and actually keeping it.

  • Second City Saint

    Lesnar vs Taker make it happen this year would be the best wrestlemaina ever

  • The Butchers’ Son

    Lesnar vs. Undertaker at wrestlemania this year…you heard it hear first!!!!

  • Stevie P

    I wouldn’t mind Lesnar coming back as some enforcer or something.

  • JLove

    Yea, bc you wouldn’t want to see that. Tired of John Cena bending everyone over…time to Bring the Pain and unleash the monster known as Brock Lesnar…Lesnar has more athletic ability in his pinky toe than half the roster has in their entire body, and that includes Cena!!

  • bb

    gladly he face undertaker in wm28

  • Jay

    I hope that Brock Lesnar just stays retired and NEVER goes back to the WWE.