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Brock Lesnar’s WWE ’12 Rating, Air Boom on WWE Superstars, Grisham Update

– In addition to Heath Slater vs. Santino Marella and Justin Gabriel vs. Tyson Kidd being taped last night for Thursday’s WWE Superstars, WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Air Boom faced off against the team of Drew McIntyre and Michael McGillicutty.

– Former WWE announcer Todd Grisham began his on-air career with ESPN last night, co-hosting The Highlight Express at midnight with Cole Wright.

– Brock Lesnar’s overall rating in the WWE ’12 video game is a 93, only lower than The Undertaker with a 97, The Rock with a 96, John Cena with a 96, Randy Orton with 95, Steve Austin with 95, CM Punk with 95, Edge at 94 and Triple H at 94.

  • Teran

    Undertaker deserves that rating, not only for being a top star for longer than I’ve been alive, but also for putting his body through the relentless schedule for all these years, and still coming out at over 40 years old performing at full intensity.

    When Ric Flair was 40, all he would do is chops the entire match, Undertaker really hasn’t noticeably slowed down, and I actually feel bad for him when he does crazy stuff like outside dives and getting rammed through that cubicle at Mania.

    So yeah, whoever says Taker doesn’t deserve that score is being obtuse, Taker’s been through several eras of wrestling and managed to remain entertaining.

  • @K roy Kane got to look strong last year when Taker put him over
    Also he put over Edge in their feud at 2008
    he could have put more people over but his age can’t let him do it

  • K Roy

    well @jeff clearly you dont understand the very basic concept of “putting someone over”…you dont pay your dues, guys like ziggler are the exact type of guys that can use that bump, hense being “put over”…taker uses his rub to get them at a higher level…
    im not expecting him to let anyone take his streak, but a feud with an up and comer could put that guy at another level…

    and for those who rip cena, hes already done this with edge (when he elevated to main event as the rated r superstar), sheamus and most recently the miz…

    best example i can think of someone putting a guy over was when foley’s feud with a young ic champ randy orton put orton at another level and showed he was ready to step up…foley made him look soooo strong, no different than cena with sheamus when he started…when was last time that taker made anyone look strong?

  • GreasyRabbit75

    He spent the second half of last year putting Kane over.

  • Jeff

    If you want undertaker to put you over, you have to deserve it first. Gotta pay your dues.

  • Jeff


    Hes a legend, he doesnt have to put the likes of jtg or ziggler over

  • Kiwi as bro

    I think i was still at college John or just starting haha

  • John

    Undertaker scores the highest. Not suprised. WWE puts him on a massive pedastol. I mean when’s the last time he cleanly put someone over?

  • Matt

    I’m surprised Cena isnt a 150/100 😛

  • Doesn’t matter still gonna destroy everyone on the roster with him

  • RoxanneConner

    Haha, ONLY lower than 8 other guys? Looks like they went nuts with the overpowered WWE favorites. Time was in my day you only had one or two guys higher than 92.

    *sits on porch in rocking chair*

  • Legend Killer

    So only lower than 8 of the roster?! I’m actually surprised Rock is as high as he is and HHH is only a 94. Mind you if this list was to be accurate then Cena and Orton would both be 100 so lets be happy about that.

  • WHY

    John cena rating 96 is a joke it should be lower than that. a rating of 6 sounds better as he only has 6 moves.
    John cena is WWE – Worst Wrestler Ever