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Site Notice: Yesterday’s Downtime on

Hi All,

yesterday the site became inaccessible during coverage of RAW and remained offline throughout the night. We are investigating what caused this and hope to have no similar downtime.

We apologize to anyone who tried to access the site during this time, but we are back and up-to-date!

Amish Patel

  • Kris

    how bout just watching raw or the ppv on here forfree instead of readin spoikers

  • Tyler

    This is like the third to fourth time this site has gone down this year how about give us some prizes or do a contest we are all getting sick and tired when this site is down if it’s during a night show or during a PPV

  • Jon

    I guess half of these trolls really took control of the site. I really think you guys should monitor your site more often.

  • W-E

    Really apologize once again guys, I usually check on a daily basis, but I was away yesterday and didn’t find out till this morning. I always check e-mail so if anyone notices the site not loading or being down, please e-mail

  • paul

    I was in the same boat as dan,was down all day yesterday

  • Insert Name Here

    My life nearly ended when I didn’t have access to Wrestling-Edge for RAW. Thank god it’s back. Never A-Gainnn.

  • Dan

    Hey guys that run this site it was down all day not just during raw cuz I tried gettin on all day an could not I thought I’d just let u know hope u find out what happened love this site

  • ant

    yeah u guys need to get on that asap cuz i was pissed last night when i couldnt get on