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Buff Bagwell Checks Out Of Intensive Care Unit Following Automobile Accident

Scotty Riggs, who held the WCW World Tag Team Championship with Buff Bagwell, stated Sunday evening on Twitter that he spoke with his former tag team partner after he was involved in a serious car accident last Monday in Georgia. Riggs says while Bagwell is in “rough” shape, he has checked out of the intensive care unit after undergoing successful surgery on Saturday.

Bagwell was driving in Georgia on Monday when he lost control of his Jeep, which flipped on the road and left him with several broken bones in his neck and face, including a snapped jaw. The former WCW Superstar called his wife at 1:35 p.m. to tell her that he was about to suffer a seizure while driving. He was taken to nearby WellStar Kennestone Hospital, where he remained under doctors’ watch in an intensive care unit through the week.

On Friday, Bagwell’s wife Judy stated to that he had been taken off the breathing tube, was able to eat solid foods and talk. Fellow WCW alumni Sting, Rick Steiner, Scott Steiner, Diamond Dallas Page and Riggs, among others, have also kept in contact with Bagwell since the accident.

“It’s really helped that he’s been contacted by friends … he’s really feeling the love,” says Bagwell’s wife.

  • aircon

    get well buff 🙂

  • voice of reason

    and before people jump on me 000 is the emergency number in australia

  • voice of reason

    i’ve gotta agree with rpm don’t call your wife pull the vehicle over turn it off get out & lay down on the ground let the seizure happen then call 000 sorry 911 & your wife

  • Steve

    Do you think Riggs ever calls up Buff and as soon as Buff says hello, Riggs starts going: “American Males! American Males! American Males!”?

  • RPM

    not to speak ill of buff because I don’t wish anyone harm but if he was able to feel the seizure coming why call his wife instead of stopping the car.

    I understand the wanting to tell a loved one but if the car isn’t moving you have less chance of dying.

    I wish him well in his recovery all the same, we don’t need more 90s wrestlers dying.

  • Gorilla

    Yes Yes Yes woo Woo Woo you know it

  • Logan

    Glad he’s doing better. Get well Buff!