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Cara Possibly Taking Time Off, Backstage News on Naomi, Birthdays

– WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin turns 48 years old today while Trish Stratus turns 37 and Rob Van Dam turns 42.

– We noted earlier that Sin Cara is battling through some knee issues. After last night’s RAW, there is increasing concern that Cara will be taking some time off soon. This could throw a kink in WrestleMania plans for the second year in a row as at last word, WWE officials are still looking to do Cara vs. Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania.

– The decision to have Naomi win the Divas battle royal at WWE TLC was made mid-week after pulling AJ Lee from the match. A lot of people within WWE are high on Naomi and her athleticism but the feeling is that she needs some more experience.


  • ShutYoMouth

    Ok so having Naomi dance with Boreodus, and Clameron is getting experience.

  • MMPR 90’s Kid

    I mean hello WWE…you’ve stuck her in this dancer role for almost a year now. There is a such thing as I don’t know…RING RUST! Maybe if they would have let her have more matches (whether they are televise or non televise). She would be a main force in the division right now. But she will definitely be Divas Champion 1 day.

  • I’m in love with Naomi…. Anyways @Jeff u learn how to wrestle fuck boy!

  • Lynden


    Really?! Really!? Can tell you grew up watching Wwe’s watered down PG saturday morning slam Crap… Watch videos of sin cara in his early days and back when he wasn’t in the wwe.. he can out wrestle 80% of the roster but the wwe as a different style they won’t let him do what he does best

  • Jeff

    I hope in Sin Cara’s time off he learns how to wrestle.