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Cena Comments on the CM Punk Storyline, WWE Denies Punk Interview Request

– In a new article to promote WWE’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view in The Chicago Tribune, the author notes that he requested an interview with CM Punk for the piece but WWE denied the request and suggested he speak to another Superstar – John Cena. WWE is continuing the storyline through mainstream media as Cena commented on what’s going on with Punk.

He said:

“From what I understand, he’s suspended, but I think the match will happen. (Punk) reached an agreement to not talk badly about WWE. Technically, it’s two weeks before Money in the Bank, so he’s still got two weeks to screw it up for himself.”

“WWE has a lot of events, but rarely do you see something this controversial and hostile. I think people will talk about Money in the Bank for years to come. It will be a great moment for Chicago. A guy like CM Punk on live TV, you don’t know what he’ll do. I’m prepared for anything. It’s weird. Usually when a guy retires, we give them one last hoorah. But after what happened Monday, I don’t know. You have to wait and see. There are two more weeks. I’m interested and excited about all this, even if some of it came at my expense.”

  • erik

    hhh should bury cena. hhh should take belt from cena.

  • Mr Steal Yo Kinder Egg

    It’s clear Punk will win but whoever wins MITB will cash in

  • Wellsy

    Would be great to see a Corporation back. Vince leading it, but in a managerial way (no competing) and Cena the leader. Cena has been top of the corporate ladder for some time but has been a face because of it. It would be apt if he was a heel (people boo him because of the whole corporate thing anyway so he’d get the best heel heat of anyone in years). Then you can easily add people like HHH, and even the Rock. Have John Laurinitis as a stooge. It writes itself.

    CM Punk, natural born leader. Brings in people in bits like Heyman and Lesnar and other people that have split. Batista. Jericho. Foley.

    Of course, this won’t happen. Punk will lose to Super Cena, the feud will end, and nothing will come of it and we’ll probably never see Punk again. One more reason to not watch WWE.

  • Justin

    @Bill HHH should definitely be a vet in charge, but I still think they need some older legends/personalities–hell I would even consider them hiring regular actors to play the rich/corporate types. McMahons were perfect for that storyline–the hair, the suits, the name. It’s going to be tough to replicate that but HHH–if they let him do what he did best on the mic back in 2000–could definitely be a good start.

  • Bill

    then*, not than…

  • Bill

    @Justinm that’s true. How about Triple H? If he’s gonna be chairman soon, than he better get his Mr. McMahon(or Mr. H) heel character ready. Either way, they better capitalize on this storyline in WWE.

  • CM Mark

    He’s not retiring Cena. He’s taking your ball and going home.

  • Justin


    Vince has looked incredibly frailer and older these days. They need a corporate leader but it can’t be Vince–he looks nothing like he used to 13 years ago. He’s aged quite a lot and he looks more like an angry old man than a middle-aged business boss contender in a match. No way in hell should there be a Punk vs. McMahon feud. I do think that they need those types of characters (Vince, Shane, Stephanie, Brisco, Patterson, Commish Slaughter) back in the WWE. Made things diverse and entertaining.

  • Bill

    @d, I heard is contract is almost over, so maybe he might show up, maybe he won’t…

  • d

    brock won’t be able to be on a wwe camera while he’s under contract to the ufc

  • Bill

    I could actually see Vince reforming the Corporation & screwing Punk. Maybe Vince recruits a returning Brock Lesnar? Remember, he’s apparently in talks with WWE. Punk 3:16 vs McMahon anyone?

  • Matt

    who better to do it to a 2 time MITB winner than another 2 time MITB winner.

  • Matt

    Miz, calling it now 😛

  • Snark Mark

    I think Punk will win the title. Fireworks, streamers, uproar from the crowd. Then one of the two winners of a MITB match will come out and cash in on Punk. Most likely Miz, maybe Mysterio.

  • rocky sucks

    please vkm,make cena drop the title and take some time off come back in time for e.c and face punked ass sold out rocky at mania

  • venom

    I smell a screw job coming. It is in CM Punk’s hometown.

  • !?

    While I may be in the minority on this. Cena/Punk could have been such a fantastic feud, arguably the feud of 2011 if it wasn’t for pushing the Miz at the time. I have enjoyed everything related to Cena vs. Punk this year and I may actually order MITB as the card is shaping up quite nicely.