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Cena & Del Rio News, Hardy Opening a School?, Kaitlyn Video, FCW Diva at NOC

– Alberto Del Rio and WWE Champion John Cena are currently booked for the SmackDown tapings in Dallas, Texas on October 11th, the day before the RAW brand heads to Mexico.

– Matt Hardy teased on his Twitter last night that he will be opening a wrestling school soon. Hardy told a fan that it will be open in a few months and says he will have a major announcement later today. Hardy’s girlfriend Reby Sky is also teasing on her pages that Matt will be opening a wrestling school soon.

– FCW Diva Eden Stiles announced the dark match before last night’s WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view.

– Below is video of WWE Diva Kaitlyn at the 2011 Olympia Expo in Las Vegas over the weekend. Kaitlyn was there on behalf of Gaspari Nutrition.

  • venom

    Looks like the FBI will have a new playground if Hardy opens this school.

  • roger

    You all are idiots. The man has been in wrestling for years plus hes tring to better him self. lets see you go wrestle. He was good enough to hold championships you f in trolls

  • Nick Is Awsome

    Doubt he is going to do it but what if he did? Ya people would show up and pay thousands of dollars but he has burned all his bridges so no real talent scout or agent would even be seen going anywhere near hardy because he is a pr nightmare so what your really paying for is matts ego boost and his weekly supply of vicodin. This will be the first school that lets you pay in cough and cold meds

  • cheesehandler

    whats the school gonna do….teach someone how to gain weight, get drunk, crash cars and blame it on other people. stay home already you fuck!

  • simon07

    If it gives him something to do and it helps make him a bit more ‘normal’ then good for him. It’s quite sad seeing him go off the rails so much, less travel and a main focus could be the best thing for him.

  • poko

    He’d probably do pretty well with it, as long as he could find some other quality instructors. Wrestling has always been over in the central area of North Carolina. It’s been awhile ago, but Matt Hardy used to be a very good performer, so he should have a lot to teach.

  • new8406

    “Matt Hardy’s Wrestling School & Buffet” their slogan, “Free pain pills to the 1st 100 competitors to tryout”

    No offense to Matt, but you’re a joke brother. Fix yourself before you try something like this. The only thing that will result from it, is you screwing up other people.

  • J-J

    I wonder what he’ll charge? A couple of thousand dollars or a couple of lines?

  • voice of reason

    i hope matt’s school is a success for him he well & truly needs it

  • Cool Mark Punk

    Good, he needs something to distract him and focus on.