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Cena and Miz’s Tag Title Reign, Sheamus vs. Triple H Update, More

– Aaron sent word that the new WWE Magazine definitive guide to WrestleMania does not have any Chris Benoit WrestleMania matches. They list the main event of WrestleMania 20 as Kane vs. The Undertaker instead of Benoit vs. Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels.

– John Cena and The Miz’s reign as WWE Tag Team Champions last night on RAW may have been the shortest ever. WWE’s record do list Cena and Miz as Champions.

– Several readers in the California area sent word that a promo aired on RAW last night during a commercial saying that Sheamus and Triple H would wrestle in two weeks.

  • ChrisDV

    @roo The tribute show was actually ON THE AIR when reports started to come about what had happened. Rumour has it that the WWE knew about it before they went on the air, too.

  • Note This

    They aired that and Im sure they are regretting the “tribute” show. While the man did great things in the ring, in no way shape or form would I want to link him to anything past or current by name or photo mention. Bad business. I was really shocked they even did that tribute thing. Then to find out what really happened. The guy was fucked in the head for sure. Wrestling or not.

  • roo

    They did they tribute show before they found out he killed his family they found after the tribute show aired

  • Cydogg

    Hey dweebs, no JK. But hey guys I am interested to hear what you think about the Dave Duerson news and his story. Do you think that with all the attention being paid to concussions in mainstream sports lately (about time), will Benoit ever be able to, well for lack of a better term, have his name cleared. That is, will the medical facts, and believe me there is a pandora’s box about to be opened,excuse the outcome?

  • Vincent

    Um, Chuva? I would disagree. I would say that if Benoit didn’t KILL his family and then himself, THEN his name wouldn’t be stricken from existence.

    The tribute show is going to be a source of contention for many, but I personally think Vince did the only thing he could have done at the time.

  • robert

    thats a damn shame about the wrestlemania magazine, a great match will never be recognized again

  • Kris

    John Cena should enact his rematch clause, win the titles with another Superstar, then that can be added to the Stipulations at WM..if he loses then he loses the tag belts to Miz as well

  • CC

    @Vincent. Maybe he should get Stan to “send word” of how long the reign was.

    Simple fact is, I dont understand why he would assume WWE wouldnt recognise the title reign.
    You only have to look at the fact that all the multiple title switches with the hardcore title and the fact that title switches at non televised house shows are recognised to know that something like that on Raw would be recognised.

  • mark

    the tag team titles just sank to a new low. may aswell just put them on the floor and piss on them

  • Chuva

    If Vince hadn’t done the tribute show before the facts were in, Benoit’s name wouldn’t be stricken from existence. That was a HUGE black eye for him, and he’ll never live it down.

    What Chris did was terrible, but that will NEVER take away what he did in the ring.

  • Vincent

    CC, don’t waste your time. Middelton milks everything to make a report without knowing any facts. “may have been the shortest ever”

    So basically he hasn’t even researched it. He is speculating and then tries to justify and flesh out a “report” by pointing out a logical fact as if it where possibly in dispute.

  • CC

    Of course WWE list them as champions, just as they list Zigglers world title reign. If the title changes hands, then it gets recorded, it doesnt matter how short a time it is.
    The only exception to this is the Jericho WWF title win as that was specifically part of a storyline that the title reign was not acknowledged.