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Cesaro Interested In Colter’s Commentary, Kaitlyn Wants Revenge, Lumberjacks, NXT

– Fans can get 2-for-1 tickets for upcoming WWE NXT live events at using the promo code “STAYDOWN.”

– WWE noted on RAW last night that there will be 30 Lumberjacks surrounding the ring for the Ryback vs. John Cena Lumberjack Match during Three Stages of Hell at Sunday’s Payback pay-per-view.

– Kaitlyn spoke with in an exclusive video after her incident with AJ Lee and Big E Langston on last night’s RAW. The Divas Champion said she was hurt and humiliated. She added that AJ doesn’t deserve the title but does deserve payback.

– As seen on last night’s RAW, it was teased that Zeb Colter, who was on commentary, may be interested in working with Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro commented on his win after RAW:

“There you have it #W @WWE #RAW interested to hear the commentary”

  • Pewp

    No, I do get it. You seem to think that Kaitlyn would be “as good as AJ” if she were given more time. If you do a bad job at something, excuses don’t cut it, your arse is fired!

    You either do a good job, or your done. That is the real world, sorry to be the one to tell you that.

    I even made room to “move her down” for a while, and let her get the experience that YOU think will turn her into something as awesome as AJ Lee or Sensational Queen Sherri.

  • terrible dream

    why should you be in the spotlight natural charisma talent looks they’re alot of reasons why a wrestler is chosen for that spot

    do really see how female wrestlers are treated they are told not to put on better matches than the male stars and get like five minute matches little to no promo time how the hell can you develop a connection to the audience how can you make them care if they know nothing about you

    Kaitlyn is not below the “bottom bar” because she has talent and strength and people want to get behind her but how many times have you seen her in the ring wrestling or in an interview and not a backstage segment?

    the aj,Dolph,big e heel faction is their for Dolph to mentor both big e and aj that is all and people cheer for who they like no matter whether you’re a heel or face just like cm punk,daniel brian,chris jerico and dolph zigger people will still cheer for you

    kaitlyn doesn’t have what and kaitlyn does have talent

    look at the original ecw
    in an interview paul heyman said when he gathered the talent for ecw he wasn’t look for the best talker or the best wrestler but people willing to put on a show because whey they didn’t have was either dampened,non existent,compensated for or over looked

  • Guest

    you just don’t get it do you

  • Pewp

    Kaitlyn probably shouldn’t be in storylines if she can’t act. Simple. Move her down the card, give her more promo time, “train her” (and for that matter, ALL diva’s) on acting, and being able to draw emotions.

    Do that for a year. The “diva division” would be improved for a very long time because of it.

  • Pewp

    If you aren’t entertaining and can’t act, why should you be on spot? You shouldn’t be. As for needing time for that to develop, does she need time in NXT or something? I am sure that could be arranged.

    I believe in a “bottom bar” and she is beneath it. She needs more rehearsal, practice, classes, something. Then again, look how “acting classes” worked for Test? (It didn’t).

    Some people just don’t have it, others do. Some people can develop it, others can’t. Where is she in that?

    I don’t like AJ as a valet for Dolph. Waste of AJ. Dolph doesn’t need her to be over anyway. She should betray him and join Big E Langston for his heel turn, unless she helps betray him for a Dolph heel turn (it will take something to re-solidify Dolph as a heel at this point, or he will be auto-face like Austin and Angle for a while).

    Kaitlyn. She has no excuses. She has it or she doesn’t, bottom line. If she doesn’t, don’t use her in AJ’s storyline like that. Instead, find someone talented and use her instead. If Kaitlyn needs time to develop, she can be “moved down the card” as they say, and be given smaller promo time and less matches so she can develop that, then get moved back up the card once she has it.

  • Guest

    you see aj was intertwined with so many story lines that she’s a natural at being a face and a heel how many story lines has kaitlyn been in

  • terrible dream

    did you really read what i typed

    i asked the question how far can you really progress if you’re not really able to show your skills if the only thing your doing is backstage segments

    i mean you have aj who is allowed to show what she has as being a valet to dolph i mean how many times have you seen Kaitlyn in the ring as champion

  • Pewp

    1. The blonde on black thing looks stupid.
    2. AJ Lee was wonderful in the segment. Kaitlyn wasn’t.

    Kaitlyn couldn’t act, cry or anything else. My living room didn’t have any sympathy for her. Instead, her non-reactions caused my guests to perceive it as a “Comedy Segment” and we all rolled in laughter at every beautifully, mellifluously worded statement.

    If she did her job, the angle would have touched a darker tone and put Kaitlyn over. Nobody cares about how “Super Mega” someone is, people care when they see someone confronted with their vulnerabilities and overcome them somehow.

  • terrible dream

    How far can your skills really progress if your never really on tv
    people love aj because she’s skinny,cute,perky and a geek
    vs a champion who’s in backstage segments not really in the ring and just has no real “IT” factor to her

  • Will Henderson

    AJ gets it, that why she’s carrying that segmen. AJ knows in order to be a epic heel, you got to do some sick, twisted, and fucked up evil shit to get heel heat. plus AJ backstage may had gotten some great advice to pull of being a heel from Dolph Ziggler, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, the McMahons & HHH, John Cena (yes he was a heel in 2002-late 2003), and several others who had master the art of being hated.

  • Pewp

    Kaitlyn had terrible acting, AJ Lee carried the entire segment.