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Change Expected for WWE’s Survivor Series Pay-Per-View

Last month we reported that WWE would hold the 2012 Survivor Series pay-per-view in Pittsburgh, PA on November 18th.

New reports now indicate that the NFL schedule came out a few weeks ago, WWE and the Consol Energy Center arena realized the Pittsburgh Steelers would be playing on the night of Sunday, November 18th in Pittsburgh against the Baltimore Ravens for NBC Sunday Night Football.

WWE has decided they don’t want to compete locally with the Steelers game taking place at the same time, so although Consol Energy Center is still being listed as the location of the PPV, it will not be held there. WWE then wanted to tape Smackdown two days later on November 20th at Consol, but the arena already signed to have Justin Bieber in concert that night.

WWE had wanted to make the official announcement to the live crowd that Survivor Series would be in Pittsburgh when they last came to Pittsburgh on May 14th for Monday Night RAW, but obviously that didn’t happen.

Sources say that WWE usually picks the date they want to run a PPV and work around that date. As of now, nobody can confirm when and where Survivor Series is going to take place.

  • since they moved tlc away from memphis bring survivor series to memphis i think thats a fair trade

  • Bastion Booger

    @SYM Your right Chi Town always has great crowds too

  • LSC

    Fuck Bieber, he is the biggest fag in the world, so what if he is performing there, his fucking music is shit.

    @Maxwell: Bieber is a fucking idiot and is ugly. I hope Big Show knocks the fuck out of him!

  • SYM

    @Bastion Booger I thumbed ur comment down because u forgot the best city of them all aka MY HOMETOWN CHICAGO!!!

  • The_electrifying_one

    Bring it to the UK. or bring Summerslam to the UK. infact just bring a damned PPV to the UK.

  • john

    WWE may need to get a hold of the NFL n see if Pittburgh game be be a double header on monday night football. or do it early before the game started

  • Killa

    have the ppv in dc at the verizon center or in baltimore maryland at the 1st mariner areana

  • d

    no it’s not quite the same as the denver situation. the denver situation was the owner allowed wwe to book an event his team made the playoffs and the playoff game was booked on the same night when the owner should have thought ahead of time that his team might host a playoff game that night. wwe had already sold tickets and advertised the event and denver didn’t reschedule so wwe had to move the event. in this case no tickets were sold and wwe is willing to work around this event

  • Bastion Booger

    I know Canada isnt a city but i think anywhere in Canada there is a good crowd and im from New York so i have no bias in that

  • Bastion Booger

    Honestly i wouldnt mind if every pay per view was held in one of these 3 cities New York, Canada, Miami to me those cities always have the best and loudest crowds. I was very impressed with Miami at Wrestlemania and then the raw after Wrestlemania

  • bb

    @jeff listen @maxwell said!…. bring to canada

  • Maxwell

    @Jeff your moms built on lies.

  • Jeff

    fuck Canada. Country built on lies.

  • Tony A.

    Stay in PA… Come to Philly!!

  • giblet

    Teh united kingdom <333

  • hornswoggler from the chocolate factory


  • SYM

    @Bryan Ohio has the worst Wrestling Fans in the history of Wrestling. And dont say the dont because of OVW. Ohio Sucks. I wanna see Canada get Survivor Series.

  • chronoxiong

    It’s that situation that the WWE had with Denver a few years ago all over again. Hope this goes well.

  • Bryan

    Columbus Ohio is slated to have the RAW before Survivor Series.

    Give the PPV to Columbus! We have not had one since 2004 and are long overdue.

    Pittsburgh can have the RAW Columbus was scheduled for.

    It works out for everybody.

  • edgehead34


  • The Awesome One

    Survivor Series should be in canada

  • Maxwell

    Justin Bieber is hot