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Chris Hero Receives His FCW Ring Name, Evan Bourne Merchandise Marked Down

— According to the official website of WWE developmental promotion Florida Championship Wrestling, the wrestler known as Chris Hero has been officially named Kassius Ohno. His newly added profile page is available here.

The independent wrestling circuit standout recently reached a developmental contract agreement with WWE after passing a field of medical tests. Hero and tag team partner Claudio Castagnoli were offered contracts last summer after participating in a private workout with company officials. Castagnoli signed but Hero did not due to naturally elevated testosterone/epitestosterone levels, according to the Wrestling Observer. WWE won’t sign individuals who test positive for steroids in their drug testing.

“It took forever and a ton of testing to prove the reading was actually natural and it was quite the process,” the Observer wrote of WWE signing Hero.

— The lone Evan Bourne T-Shirt on, which is an Authentic T-Shirt, has been marked down 68%. The premium T-Shirt is now available for $7.99.

WWE premiered an updated intro on Monday’s Raw SuperShow and the over two-year-old shot of Bourne performing Air Bourne was noticeably removed. He is currently serving a sixty-day suspension for his second violation of WWE’s Talent Wellness Program.

  • Diesel


    Really?? Because CM Punk & Bryan Danielson aren’t exactly bodybuilders & they’re world champions.

    He’s not exactly super-skinny he’s a normal sized guy in reality, just because he’s not Vince McMahon’s typical bumbling meat-head bodybuilder type that doesn’t automatically mean he’s scrawny.

  • CM Mark

    Terrible name change.

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  • JOE

    @CC ever heard of Michael McGillicutty

  • Bawb

    Chris Hero is just an awesome name in it of itself. Reminiscent of Mike Awesome and Justin Credible.

    I just…I can’t fathom what goes on in, not just the guy who thinks up the name’s head, but also in what goes on in the guy’s head who ‘confirms’ the other guy’s idea. You’d think there’d be a voice of reason. But no, they’re all fucked.

  • Secont City Saints

    ive been a fan of chris hero for a long time why doesnt wwe just let him use his own name and make him a big hero gimmick its already in his last name that would just make sence to me

  • Funkasoreass

    With a physique like that, it will be years before Chris, I mean Kassius makes it to the main roster! Either that or he’ll be forced to wrestle with a shirt on. To quote Nash, “get in the gym, hit the weights, get a clue.”

  • JIR

    I get the whole copyrights to names but come on this is just getting ridamndiculous

  • venom

    That is one weird name. I guess they pulled it out of a hat/

  • chronoxiong

    Soon to be future endeavored, Evan Bourne.

  • poko

    Kassius Ohno? Seriously? Who is he supposed to be, a Roman samurai? A Japanese gladiator? He’d better have a damn good gimmick to explain that kind of name.

  • adam

    THat probably wont be his actual name when he comes up i mean usually the fcw names are just testers. BUt soon both will be up on the main roster and the KOW can help improve the tag division.

  • CC

    Jesus christ, just cause its his FCW name doesnt mean he will stick with it.
    How many ex-FCW and OVW talent that made it to the main roster kept their name?

  • MajinTrunks

    That young K.O. kid… Kassius Ohno…

  • Diesel

    lol oh dear I can just see the commentary now “Look it’s Kassius…. Ohno”, “Ohno he didn’t”, “Ohno he just won the title”…

    Really WWE???

  • LSC

    Really WWE? Kassius Ohno?? What the hell is the problem with WWE and creativity as of late? I’d stick with Chris Hero or something kickass, not some Asian name….well WWE, you fucked up once more. Well done…want a cookie????

  • S_Napalm

    OH NO, a shitty name!

    Also, good luck in your future endeavours Bourne

  • Prince

    Kassius Ohno? WTF.