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- Below are highlights from Chris Jericho’s interview with the UK Sun:

WWE: “But the bottom line is I love wrestling and I love the WWE. I will NEVER wrestle anywhere other than the WWE. That’s a given and everyone knows it.

“I’m a creative person and, just like the boss, I’m going to do things that creatively stimulate me. Vince is surrounded by a lot of yes men and I think he is very refreshed by the fact that I’m not a yes man.”

Playing a Heel: “I love being able to tread that line throughout the course of a show, to get people happy and angry within a five-minute span of time. It’s not just a matter of studying wrestling, it is a matter of being around for years.

“There are not a lot of guys in this business who can say that they’ve been around for that long and been to all these different places that I’ve been. I can just fall back on those experiences, come to the ring with a huge cheer then make people boo and make them cheer again.

“Stuff like that keeps it interesting for me.”

What’s After Wrestling: “I think when it’s time for me to be finished in wrestling, finished on camera, then I’ll be finished with the business, maybe completely.

“I might end up doing commentating or something like that. I have a journalism degree but I’d rather the person who is being written about, rather than the person who is writing.

  • Lillian

    Chris is the best in the world and TNA will never ever have him .Chris is wwe all the way and will return and kick ass.

  • leon

    F U TNA..ur not getting the best heel in the bizness..lol..

  • Hell No (You stole it)

    I would like to see Jericho commentating…AFTER he’s done wrestling.

  • Chris

    y2j is the man..sorry tna hes one wwe/wcw star you wont get :)

  • Jason

    It’s funny how some of you WWE fans like Mark for example can’t even spell the word Know. lol, it’s not now it’s know Mark.

  • terry

    ya i know what i meant was that he’ll never join tna like he stated in this article

  • Mark


  • diesel

    heres the thing when Jericho is not there are you like OMG he gone. No, you probably dont even give it a thought. When he back your like yeah Jericho. Dont get me wrong the guys is good at what he does. But with the current PG direction he is a glimps of the former past on what once was. Dude could always cut a great non censored promo. And he always put on a good show.

  • terry

    lol funny how he thinks tna owns y2j, when hes still under contract to wwe

  • damkat

    @ Terry, he is no longer under contract with WWE at the present. Will he be returning… absolutely

  • hell yeah

    y2j has been such a gifted athlete and his contribution to the wrestling industry is tremendous…hats off to THE MAN..

  • Jur

    @ Jason umad?


    Jericho’s always been awesome. No one comes close.

  • Jason

    Y2J is a fucking moron, TNA owns his ass

  • misfit

    Imagine if everyone thought like jericho? All the legacies that would still be intact and not ruined because, certain guys didn’t know when to let go

  • cenaWWE

    no no no they only own his a$$ thats what he said lol told ya TNA was g@y!!

  • josh

    y2j could out wrestle any guy even if he was 75

  • shawn

    Jericho’s the man!

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