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Jericho Says Punk Has Gone As Far He’s Going To Go, Feels Ryback Should Beat Him

Former WWE Superstar Chris Jericho appeared on Busted Open with Dave LaGreca and Mike Riker, where he addressed CM Punk’s WWE Championship defense against Ryback at Hell in a Cell. The program airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on Sirius 92 and XM 208 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Highlights from the interview are as follows:

Why he thinks Ryback should win on Sunday: “I don’t know anything and I don’t work for the WWE. I haven’t talked to Vince in about a month. But I personally think and this is something that obviously Busted Open Radio has very hardcore wrestling fans who are listening as we all are. The number one thing people bitch about is that there is nothing new and it’s the same old same old with John Cena. This is the chance to create a new guy. This is the chance to make a new star instantly, and I know tradition says you must build a star. There is no tradition in a case like this. The comparisons are to Goldberg. Most of the fans in this day and age have no idea who Goldberg is and don’t care. We do, but in the year 2012 Goldberg was over ten years ago. How did Goldberg get over? …. By beating everybody. There was no loss for Goldberg. As soon as he did lose, that’s when things started going downhill for him. Ryback is not a normal guy. This is not a guy that we see that builds his way to the top and fans get behind him slowly but surely. You want to pick a new guy? Have him beat CM Punk this week. Who gives a sh** about Punk’s title reign? It means nothing. Here is a chance to take a guy who people are getting behind. If he beats Punk at Hell in A Cell and after three hundred and thirty seven days or whatever and Punk is finally beaten, people are going to start to take notice of this guy. Those who don’t watch Raw are going to tune in to see what’s going on. Ryback beats everybody. Ryback faces Rock at Royal Rumble. What happens if a couple of weeks before that something goes on with Ryback and Undertaker got involved in the Rock match? What if Rock wins the title and goes on to face Cena we expected and what if its Ryback vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania? What if Ryback beats Undertaker at Wrestlemania? You have a new star for the next ten years to headline pay-per views and main events.”

Has CM Punk gone as far as he can go as a character?: “He has gone as far as he can go. The Rock is the Rock. He comes from a different era. Undertaker, Steve Austin, that comes from a different era. Nobody will ever be a bigger star than those guys, because people in their heads…It’s like the old Batman TV show when we were kids. We thought it was the greatest show ever. You watch it back now and it sucks. But it has a certain place in your head that it will never be replaced. The band KISS in 1978 if you’re old enough to remember was thought of as the greatest band ever, even if they weren’t. Rock is a guy unto his own. Punk is as big of a star as he can be as a heel in WWE. Beating Ryback doesn’t make him a bigger star. It doesn’t.”

Can the injury to John Cena be a blessing in disguise?: “It is a blessing in disguise. The biggest breaks I ever got in this business was when someone got hurt, or when someone went to make a movie. I won the undisputed championship because Triple H was hurt and Rock was leaving. Cena got hurt. What do we do? One thing about Vince McMahon is his motto is to take a negative and turn it into a positive. Vince knows how rare it is for someone to get over so quickly. Vince knows Ryback is not a money making star right now. But if he goes into Hell In A Cell and he destroys Punk and beats him, a hundred percent those fans are going to go bananas for Ryback. You have created a new star. Punk can come back the next night and bitch and complain and do what a heel does. Heels aren’t built to win. Heels are built to lose. That’s what heels do. The fact that Punk has held the title for three hundred and thirty seven days, it might mean something to you guys. I can tell you Punk doesn’t care. Punk wants to make money and if that means Punk and Ryback becomes the hottest feud and suddenly something happens where it goes to Ryback and Rock, that’s a match where suddenly you made a new guy. I would love to see Punk and Rock and I’m sure Punk would be disappointed if it didn’t work out. But this is business. If you have a chance to build someone that can put a company on his back, then you do it. The stop and start pushes that the WWE has been doing and infamous for the last ten years has got to stop and this is the perfect time for it.”

Does he think the WWE will pull the trigger and have Ryback become champion?: “I do because of the reasons I’ve talked about. I’m not saying I know anything. I could be completely wrong. Maybe there would be a scenario where they can protect Ryback and still have Punk as champ. But for me what I like as a wrestling fan, when I was a kid, what I like as wrestling fan now even after doing it for 22 years is the element of surprise. I hate the same old same old. I worked in WCW for three years when guys were passed over. As hard as it is to believe at this point, Eddie Guerrero was the top heel in the company at certain points, but they never let him beat anybody. Billy Kidman was super popular. Probably one of the top two or three babyfaces in the company at certain points, but they never pushed him over the edge. There are guys for whatever reason, get over, even when they are not supposed to get over. If you take advantage of that and push it over the cliff, people will get behind it especially a guy like Ryback because we haven’t seen anyone like that in a long time. We haven’t seen a powerhouse come in and annihilate people. The last time might have been Batista but Ryback is more Neanderthal, more animalistic, more a beast. Batista is very well spoken. Ryback does remind me of Goldberg and like I said it’s not a copy of Goldberg. It’s like saying Jericho is a copy of Shawn Michaels. There are elements and lots of similarities but it’s a different guy and nobody has seen a guy like this in a long, long time. So I think if they do pull the trigger that it will work huge and it will create a superstar instantly. Someone that will be a money drawer, someone that people will tune in who are not watching now to see.”

  • questionable

    the fact that punk v cena for the title is being advestised on uk tv for next month suggests that punk will win, nice bit of advertising wwe. smart move.

  • The Showoff

    Jericho talks about the same old same old and guys getting overlooked in WCW? Putting over big guys like Ryback that can’t wrestle instead of somebody like Punk is the same old. That’s what WCW was doing was pushing the same big freaks instead of talent like Eddie Guerrero, Billy Kidman, and Jericho himself who were really over and could wrestle.

    Jericho should be an advocate for somebody like CM Punk going over Goldberg #2. But I’m starting to think maybe he is a little jealous of Punk. If you really want to break the mold keep pushing guys like D Bryan, CM Punk, and Ziggler that have really busted their asses and have incredible skills. Not the same old Cena and Batista type guys that you can find in any gym and NFL rejects.

  • Shawn O B

    Ryback should lose at this ppv and have a feud with Punk for a month just to put him on a personality trial IF hes being considered to win the championship. im a CM Punk guy myself.

  • @RealAllen23 @Twitter

    Damn Jericho Really Hit the nail on the head in this one. Great Interview.

  • paul s

    Years in the business. So what? Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a stupid jealous opinion. Punk is FAR from done. Jesus Christ watch his Dvd hes just about got some control finally after being kept back due to his earlier affiliation with heyman. I just think punk should deliver his promise with more venom rather than disdain. But it was definately a low blow by y2jackass

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    But yeah, I think jerichos comments do come from a lil bit of jealousy. And I don’t think Ryback winning the WWE title is gonna do any good for the WWE. The WWE just stepped into some Quicksand if u ask me. What ever they do, where ever they go, what ever they decide to take the sory lines, its just gonna dig them deeper and deeper into the hole.

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    @d2k your right about that. Like u said no knock to Punk but he for what ever reason seems to have gone to a certain level, a good level I may add, but just can’t seem to rise above that level. That’s why when I saw him getting into the limo with heyman, people went “this is awesome, punk with heyman, its gonna be killer!!” But not me, it didn’t fool me. I knew that was just worst for punk. Why? Because to me even though he was WWE champ at that time, I bearly knew what he’s character goals was, so when they added heyman I was like “well guess I’ll void every thing he did as champ and start all over, cuz here’s yet again another wwe story line change” never even got to know the “Punk wwe champ era”. Its not WWE fault is the fact that punk can’t get over.

  • CM Mark

    Let him do the SES again, full blown the way he wanted to and have creative control of it. That stuff was amazing, I miss it every Friday night on Smackdown. Best heel stuff anyone has done in years.

  • D2K

    @CM Mark: Give us the blueprint of how CM Punk ‘can’ become a bigger heel, match that up by how WWE creative currently thinks, and see what is left over.

    CM Punk got to this point by using worked-shoot promos. When he is just doing his normal shtick, he doesn’t stand out as much. Probably why they stuck Paul Heyman with him. Punk wasn’t getting enough heel heat on his own, so they need a guy that would give him INSTANT heel heat. It worked for Lesnar, and it worked for Punk. It was something that we hadn’t see on the regular since the Attitude Era.

    He’s already the most hated in WWE. There isn’t much he can do that he already hasn’t done. It’s not a knock on Punk to point out an obvious truth. Jericho has been in the business for over 25 years. He doesn’t know everything, but he knows more about what works and what doesn’t in the business than your or I.

  • CM Mark

    Tool? Hell yeah I like Tool, they kick ass. Fozzy, not so much.

    I did read the article, for the 100th time, before I commented the first time.

    Chrissy can not tell the future. Saying that Punk can’t get any bigger as a heel IS A LOW BLOW. Since he is not with the company any more it makes it even that much worse because it’s harder to take as “he is just in character”. That’s how I see it. IMO.

  • Devil_Rising

    Sorry, but the wrestling business, but most especially WWE, has been building up “Big Muscle Guys” as their very top stars, for the most part, since even back in the 1970s. You look at Bruno Sammartino, he wasn’t HUGE, but he was big for his time. Then Supertar Billy Graham, the roid freak, came around. Later Iron Shiek, then Hogan, Warrior, etc.

    Ryback is “Vince’s Type of Guy”. The huge, musclebound brawler. That is the type of guy Vince sees as champion. Ryback isn’t even all that polished in the ring. He still looks rather green. And his RVD tights, with his huge bald head, simply isn’t a very good look.

    Plus, as many others said, he’s just getting pushed way too fast. Then again, so was Sheamus. So was Brock Lesnar. So was Lashley. Surprisingly, Batista actually got “built up” for a year or so before he was champ. Cena too. But really, I think you look at Punk and Bryan…you’d think WWE would see that “Hey, guys like these, guys like Bret and HBK back in the day, they can carry the company”. Small guys who can actually wrestle. Small guys who actually have characters and don’t just yell and snort.

    But whatever. What do I know.

  • scooter

    @CM Mark
    Saying a guy is an established character is an insult and a low blow, how about you read the article first. Also calling him Chrissy makes you look like a tool.

  • CM Mark

    Look guys, whether you think it’s too early for Ryback or not. Chrissy saying Punk has gone as far as he can is total BS. Chrissy has no idea how far Punk can go. That’s entirely up to Punk at this point. That was a low blow, and totally uncalled for.

  • Rated R

    Its amazing how most ppl on here think they know more than some one like Jericho who has been in this business for a very long time.

    Maybe be its too early for Ryback , or maybe it isn’t, but least it will change things up a bit.

    And for the love of god can somebody please take that WHC off Sheamus.

  • scooter

    Jerichos bitter about a friend of his being succesful. Oh wait thats right their not friends they hate each other because Punk ripped Jericho off and Jericho insulted Punks family, it was on tv it must be legit!

  • Mr Box Office

    Jericho is both right and wrong. WWE does need new stars but pulling the trigger too quick could seriously hurt Ryback’s momentum. Give Ryback a really strong showing and just come up short, which will add fuel to his push. The slow build to the main event is proven to establish stars. Look at Warrior. He was CRAZY over but still had his IC run. Same as Goldberg. Put the IC belt on Ryback after a strong match at HIAC. Let him build towards the WWE title. Soon fans will be begging him to go for it, and not just keep Cena’s seat warm.
    If its done right, he could have such momentum going into Royal Rumble, win it as IC champ and build his push right into Wrestlemania. Double championship. Have him defend both for a month or so. Lose IC belt by getting screwed, putting it on another rising star (Kidd or Gaberial).
    And Ryback is now WWE’s unstoppable force.

  • Best In The World

    Punk wins he will lose title to rock at rumble they wont have ryback vs rock

  • Bill

    I say end HIAC with controversy(huge interference or both guys fall off cell & ends in no contest). Keep Ryback’s streak in tact, but Punk keeps the title. Have Ryback win it at Survivor Series, so CM Punk’s reign ends after exactly one year. Punk wins it back at TLC & faces The Rock at Royal Rumble, keeping WWE’s plans in tact, but adding some spice to the end of 2012.

  • Demolition Fan

    Heres your curve ball….

    Ryback whips Punks ass the entire match, and Ziggler cashes in while the match is still going, stealing the win, and the title. Title comes off Punk, Ryback doesn’t lose, its a win-win.

  • poko

    There is a lot of truth in what Jericho is saying, especially, “The stop and start pushes that the WWE has been doing and infamous for the last ten years has got to stop.”

    Honestly, I’m not excited about Ryback being champion, and I truly think that he could have been MUCH bigger if they’d built him up over several months of going through the entire roster, but they’ve backed themselves into a corner. This might be make or break for the Ryback character. He loses now, he’ll probably be dropped to the mid-card. He wins, then he’s a main event guy, plus losing doesn’t hurt Punk much at all. It would definitely shake things up.

    However, I disagree with Jericho about heels being built to lose. Some of the greatest periods in wrestling history have hinged upon heels holding the title. The Four Horsemen and Ric Flair, Gorgeous George, and the NWO come to mind. The face being a superhero is a WWE thing.

  • D2K

    Considering the fact that fans only recently have gotten behind Ryback and he has a LOT of refining to do on his character, giving him the title right now could work, but it also could be a disaster.

    I would rather they allow Ryback to dominate Punk and have Punk just ‘barely’ escape losing the title to Ryback so that there will be a fear there. This way, WWE can continue to build up Ryback PROPERLY, get a ground swell behind him (perhaps even give him a lesser title in the interim like the US Title) and then have Punk backed into a corner where he must defend the WWE title against RyBack at Wrestlemania.

    THEN, if Ryback goes over it would be epicpalooza. The fans would go crazy, Ryback would be ready, the fans would be ready, and WWE can start a new era with Ryback as the top baby face which could pave the way for what the fans truly want and is so badly needed, a Cena heel turn. Ryback would be just as marketable (if not more-so) than Cena. IMHO.

  • D1

    You guys read that and seriously think Jericho is bitter? Or did you read the headline and immediately comment?

  • paul s

    I always say ryback is not ready. Ive even said fuck ryback! I do like him, his look, his crowd interaction, everything. Except the FACT that its too early! Far too early. Nobody but cena gets the decent storylines and now cenas injured its all about ryback because he gets alot of crowd interaction and hes big. He should have some hard fought mid card matches to establish himself and his xharacter. I could care less about the goldberg chants. Shit, take it as a prop not a criticism. What about talents in development for years? Ziggler! Amazing matches! Rhodes! Oh noafter a great ic run they give him a tag team. And brought 2 world champs to tag team level inthe form of bryan and kane. Creative hasnt got a fucking clue these days, andnow theyre gonna stunt the believable traditional rise of ryback. Jericho just soundsbitter to me.

  • Bastion Booger

    I also think Ryback needs to change his finisher it needs to be an easier lift because if you remember Goldberg never had trouble lifting anyone. And to me having Ryback not be able to lift Albert or Heyman makes him look very weak

  • Bastion Booger

    I have to strongly disagree with Jericho. For one I dont think Ryback is even close to the level that Goldberg was when Goldberg first one the title. Goldberg had to win the US title first and they continued his build until finally having him beat Hogan for the title. Second I think it would work out much better for the company if Punk retains BUT Ryback is made to look very strong like having an interference cost him the match. You can then still build Ryback until he has more fan support because honestly when he comes to the ring its not like he gets a major pop.

  • paul s

    did jericho just compare old raw episodes to the campy gay (no offence to gays) batman tv series? What a pile of shit. Does it hurt that ur best days have come and gone? I dont care. The wwe needs help at the minute and the man to be the face of tbe company should be able to pull off a decent match on tv, if not be the best match onthe card! Ryback cant even talk! Punk is establishing himself as the top heel. Cant go much further? Give me a break. Y2j? Even ur name is 12 years ago. Fozzy suckass too

  • Nick

    I agree with what he said about Ryback winning, CM Punk can still be a main event star without the title, and this will build a new guy.

  • CM Mark

    Sounds like sour grapes to me Chrissy.

  • xXx

    if they wanna make a buzz, even if it’s just temporary, then i also say make it happen given if they do it right. hopefully they do

  • 3117

    if they do it right i say make it happen