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Chris Jericho Discusses the State of Wrestling, Shoot Interviews and More

– Chris Jericho spoke with to promote Fozzy and more. Here are some highlights:

You seem to be part of a select few who have been able to come and go in the wrestling world as you please. You don’t seem as tied down to it half as much as others are.

It wasn’t a conscious decision. I’ve always had other things I wanted to do, and I always had an opinion, which can be a dirty word with certain people. I stopped wrestling for no other reason than my contract ended in 2010, and there was a huge glut of Fozzy opportunities, so I moved on to the next thing that was happening for me. Hey, I love wrestling, and I never say never about going back – but right now I wanna see Fozzy as big as we can get it, and that’s my goal.

As a currently former wrestler, what do you think to the proliferation of shoot videos on the internet? Are you surprised that people are so interested in backstage gossip from twenty years ago?

Not at all. When you’re a fan, you love hearing insider talk. Personally, I’d never do the three-hour sit-down shoot video; I’d write a book about it instead.

Would you mind if we asked you a really personal question? What’s it like to have worked in a profession where so many of your peers have died long before their time?

It sucks. I was watching Raw earlier, and Hunter (HHH) was talking about how lucky he was to have all these friends in the business and he gave a list, and I thought, fuck, my friends died. It’s not happened in recent times, thank God, but there was a period not so long ago where guys were going down one after the other. It is a very tough business, and I feel so lucky that I never got into the drugs and pills. I was always a drinker – I still am to this day, and I can probably drink more than most, but if I want to go a week or two between having those drinks, I can. I don’t know, man. Maybe because of the music side of my life, and because I didn’t have all my eggs in one basket, wrestling wasn’t the be all and end all.

What do you think of pro wrestling at the moment? It seems to have suffered from the WWE effectively having a monopoly…

Its an experience thing. I think my generation of guys was one of the best because we were going around the world learning their craft before we ever got to the WWE. Now there’s a lot of guys there who have less than five years experience. And I don’t think I really, really knew exactly what I was doing until I came back in 2008 when it came to manipulation of a crowd. I had great stuff before that, don’t get me wrong – but it wasn’t until then that I felt on certain nights that I was the best in the world. It takes years to become truly great at anything, and the guys there at the moment haven’t had five years experience, never mind ten or fifteen.

  • D2K

    @MJ: I hear what you are saying but Hogan and Flair (especially Flair) are not necessarily good examples because financially they have to keep wrestling. Ric Flair has virtually blown all his money in several bad investments and divorces. Hogan lost half of what he had to Linda in his divorce and the Graziano family took a big chuck of what was left.

    These are all self-induced problems mind you, but they play more into why they are still hanging around than anything else.

  • venom

    I have a lot of respect for Jericho. It was a shame when he came back in late 07, that he couldn’t wrestle Beniot or Guerrero because they both died.

  • MJ

    @ Cm Mark I rather have him do something else besides wrestling then be in it for so long they are depended on it! Hogan, Flair, and so many has beens that have made the business worst by not stepping aside and let the guys who have the talent to carry the company! So Y2J can do whatever the F he wants!

  • Hindy

    Caught it what is left of the middle between the late Attitude Era and now. No more dancing Chris….

  • CM Mark

    Said it before and I’ll say it again. Wrestle or GTFO Chrissy.