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- You may remember a few weeks back when Chris Jericho tweeted a response to Triple H’s controversial RAW promo. Here’s the tweet that Jericho ended up deleting:

“Thing is @tripleh despite ur major push,u never were either. Good luck in ur future endeavours”

Jericho told Busted Open Radio that he was drunk when he made the tweet:

“The funny thing was, had I not been drinking Grey Goose vodka and not been completely loaded when I heard about it, I wouldn’t have bothered tweeting about it but I was like, “Screw him, I’m going to tweet back.”"

Jericho talked more about Triple H’s promo:

“I don’t feel that way and never did feel that way. It’s funny, throughout our careers Triple H and I were almost at the same level, we were always the guy that worked with The Guy. Triple H is a huge star, one of the greatest of all time but also never really The Guy. Who has been The Guy over the last 10 years? I can think of three – The Rock, Stone Cold and John Cena.”

  • The Killswitch

    I was more or less responding to both of you.

  • millerj265

    Did you not read the guys response to me, he was being a tool about it so I responded in the same way.

  • The Killswitch

    You don’t have to instigate to state your point of view. It’s easy to misinterpret and create a misunderstanding when skimming through walls of text. Just respect each other’s opinions and we’ll all be fine.

  • millerj265

    1. I clearly responded with its just my opinion as a father and that all indications still point to him being a good dad.
    2. Drinking excessively is by no means the only way to have a good time so saying that just because your a parent you also need to let your hair down(which as a parent I agree with) doesn’t validate getting plastered every time to accomplish that need. but I do also understand that in Jericho’s position with all the traveling, and preforming in a band, it is one of his only options, and is the known pastime for musicians as well. My point was simply that he may want to consider that his kids will one day read all about the stupid stuff he did while drunk, and think hey that’s okay to do, my dad did it and it all turned out great for him, the difference is they more then likely will not be a world famous pro wrestler or semi-famous musician who can get away with doing things that everyday ppl would be punished for much more severely. That’s the kind of bad example im talking about, but again its just my opinion as a parent, which unless you have kids, is slightly more valid then yours because I can look at the situation form both sides, as the guy who used to not have a kid and didn’t care about what ppl thought of my actions, and now the parent who has a daughter who relies on me to teach her what’s right or wrong, and the key point in that is, whether you are aware of it or not there always watching what you do and how you act, so everything you do will have an impact on how they believe a person is supposed to act or behave as an adult. But again its my opinion, and its just on this one situation, a situation that for all I know Jericho discusses with his children, and educates them about how to not act that way or to be responsible if you do.
    3. And this is really more of a side note but, how exactly does admitting you were driving drunk make for setting a good example? So just because he was honest about being a scumbag in that instance and endangering the lives of innocent people by driving inebriated he has somehow set a good example? How about he doesn’t drive drunk and not take the risk of killing someone and ruining the life’s of there family’s and the life’s of his own family, that I would say would be a good example for anyone to set for there children or for anyone in general, just a thought though.

  • millerj265

    Do you even read the things I write? when did I ever say he is a role model to us the fans? I said he is a role model to “HIS” own children. He owes us nothing in terms of setting an example for how to live your life. I simply stated my opinion as a 24yr old(24 not a “lil” kid) parent. Doesn’t mean im right, doesn’t mean im wrong, just means its my opinion. And again you obviously didn’t read, or more likely just too stupid to comprehend(that word means “understand” for the stupid people like you) what I wrote, where I said he obviously isn’t some drunken buffoon though and he supports his family very well, and by all accounts is a loving and good father. Honestly your like the dumbest guy iv ever encountered(That means crossed paths with, again I keep forgetting im dealing with someone with a very low IQ) Seriously maybe next time before you condemning me for saying I look at Chris Jericho, or any other entertainers as role models, maybe make sure I actually said that first, seeing as I only mentioned him as being a role model for his children, and not anyone else you illiterate tool.


    P.S. Lex luger always gave autographs got a personally signed book and photo ha and u got shoved to the side. Ooo luger 1 fanboy Zzzzzzerooooo


    Mirror check time buddy A. I’ve never asked for an autograph because i didnt need one after meeting him and getting to sing with his band. B he is a jack hole and he will tel you to your face. C it seems u are the fan because u never met the real Chris Irvine aka Mongoose McQueen aka y2j. D are u still looking in the mirror…. Ok now wipe the fog and musk off it stare in it real good and scream save me y2j cuz u drowning boy you drowning. Please dnt confuse my words when I say he’s a jerk because being a jerk and a douche 2 diff things completely. Jericho is jerk number one. He’s all joke all the time hes funny and he lets people know it no matter how bad they take it leaving him to be considered a jerk


    I never said he was being a bad role model because he never mentions his kids I said I didn’t know he had kids because he never mentions them. Like I said I’ve met the guy more than once and never in conversation has brought up family only his music and other projects. And it’s not just his drinking. And u dnt have to drink to let loose I do it all the time I’m a fun person dnt need alcohol to bring me to that point yeah I take the occasional drink majority in my home drinking brings out bad behavior. Seen to much of it. If anything and this may sound contradicting. He teaching his kids to follow their dreams but the drinking part is really the only bad example I mean who doesn’t want to be a rock star bit there are ways to be a bad one

  • God of Entertainment

    He’s a douche cause he wouldn’t sign ur autograph huh? Lol I’ve met Jericho more than twice too and he’s not what u claim. He’s not a give u anything u want cause ur a fan guy but he’s not a person.that u cant approach like Lex Luger was either. Jericho is a good enough guy and his kids doesn’t give him an obligation to not drink. He works a stressful job as an entertainer. He works to please ppl like u who only complain about how he’s a douche…I bet his kids don’t care about his fozzy or WWE schedule cause the check comes in and I must be confused cause when has Jericho been asked about his family? If I were an entertainer, I wouldn’t mention my family either, more money more problems like the late great BIG said. U need a mirror check time buddy!

  • God of Entertainment

    What kind of example are u to society? I can’t stand these lil kids giving grown up opinions. Jerichos kids are fine, his wife is fine because if he didn’t work, then his drunk actions would mean nothing to anyone. I never heard of y’all so forget ur opinions about Jerichos drinking. Like Charles Barkley once said, “sports entertainers shouldn’t be role models PERIOD.” It’s a joke that any of u look at these guys as role models. Just live life

  • CC

    So because in interviews and questions he talks about his business ventures, that means he isnt invested in his family? If you really think you cant let your hair down from time to time when you are married with kids, then you will lead a very boring life. Many families out there have parents who get drunk all the time, and yeah, thats wrong, but at the same time if people dont let their hair down and are all business, then sooner or later its gonna bite them on the arse when they realise just how depressed they are.
    There are millions of parents out there who get drunk a time or two who are amazing family people, so who are you guys to judge whether Jericho is a bad role model to his family or not. You are making judgements based on your own personal situations or beliefs. That does not make you right.
    Its not like Jericho is going out drink driving, then denying he was drink driving etc. Thats a bad example to set for anyone.

  • Shawn OB

    Well whenever I’m drunk I tend to let the truth slip a little bit myself. And now I’m all alone. Yaaaay.


    I didn’t know he had kids so that says a lot about what millerj265 just said. I agree with him and I dont if in fact he does have kids then he is correct in a way. Jericho is a real jerky guy his tv persona is not tv persona I’ve met the guy more than once he truly is larger than life over the top. When the show is over he’s always pin character so u can see how I agree with miller that’s no way to be if u have kids of your own you can’t let your hair down and let the good times role that time is over you have to be examples role models you cnt just tell your kids get drunk tweet start a band and do leg drops on people not one time have I heard Jericho say hey I’m focused on my family right now my schedule revolves around them it’s always fozzy


    Glad most people know it was work for HHH and not given to him some people think he was just handed everything because of Stephanie. Chris just told the world dude we started in the same boat u just tried to swim to shore more than I did. No doubt HHH is everything he say he is though for every hero there is a villain needed and HHH played that role great he may not have been the guy but he was the top heel. And he gets cheered for his work and effort and never losing his character always being that guy that could stab u in the back any second he’s the real snake in the grass guy on tv. Jericho could’ve been the guy if he wasn’t so brash but then he wouldn’t be Jericho at all

  • millerj265

    Well he has been in the news for being drunk a few times, got arrested while with the wwe for it with Shane Helms, and helms had to take the fall for it, and read any of his books, every 20 pages or so he talks about doing this or that while being plastered. And I have no issue with him drinking at all, I have a daughter and I still occasionally go out and toss a few back, but I don’t do it in a way that’s irresponsible like he has in the very recent past, and may in all likelihood do again. Nor do I get drunk and go onto a public form and say things I either regret saying or wouldn’t have normally said if not for being inebriated. And im not pushing my values on anyone, as a parent I was just stating my opinion about another parent who (and this is just my opinion) isn’t exactly setting the best example for his children. But I don’t think he is some drunkin buffoon who can barely function without a drink in him, he is a hardworking guy who’s out there hustling everyday, with his hands in a lot of lucrative cookie jars, and providing a stellar life for his family. I just think he should be a little more self aware of the example he is setting for his kids as far as excessive drinking goes, but other then that iv seen nothing that indicates that he is anything other then a loving and great father, it was just my opinion as a father myself, I should have made that point more clear in my original post because im by no means condemning the man as a father or a person.

  • Matthew Farrell

    That, or the classic “my Twitter was hacked” excuse (see Kurt Angle)

  • d_pooch

    Well, I do think it’s kind of funny that everyone claims they are drinking when they tweet. It seems like a common excuse.

    No, Jericho was never “the guy” as much as Triple H was never “the guy.” I agree that Jericho and Triple H were pretty much even as top-tier guys, and just because you are in main events doesn’t mean you are the top draw.

    I seem to recall it took forever for Triple H to get to main event status, battling the IC and mid-card circuit, then moving up and doing several triple threat matches before getting one-on-one title shots. Then you have Jericho, who, within two years of arriving in WWE, main-evented Wrestlemania X8 against none other than Triple H. So Triple H is really playing up his TV character because he is really no better than Jericho or any of the guys he mentioned.

  • CC

    WTF? how many times has he been drunk in the news, twice, maybe three times. Are you saying that as an adult and a parent you should never let your hair down from time to time.
    Well I hope you enjoy a boring life, but no reason you should be putting your values on others. Hell, its not like he is a sloppy drunk douche like Angle. Or a totally broken down alcoholic along the lines of Jake the snake and Scott Hall at their worst.

    I dont even drink that much, but I dont see why a guy cant get rat arsed every now and again, even if they are married with kids.
    Being married with kids does not mean your life is over.

  • millerj265

    For a guy who(and don’t get me wrong I respect in the ring and as a performer) has a wife and a few kids, he sure seems to spend a lot of his time getting plastered and acting like a 16yr old in a high school band, instead of a responsible adult making good decisions his children can look at as a foundation on how to act and carry yourself as an adult.

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