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Chris Jericho Reveals When He Will Leave WWE, Daniel Bryan Mocked On “The Soup”

— Chris Jericho revealed during a red carpet interview last week at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards that his current WWE stint will conclude before SummerSlam due to a Fozzy related endeavors. He said the band plans to release new music by the end of August and they will be touring then. When asked whether WWE will be affected, Jericho replied, “Off one road and to another road.”

— Monday’s Raw SuperShow segment where Daniel Bryan announced he was changing the name of his signature move the LeBell Lock to the “Yes!” Lock was highlighted on The Soup on E! Wednesday night. Program host Joel McHale mocked Bryan’s “Yes!” chant during the segment.

— WWE will hold a SmackDown live event at the Wembley Arena in London, England on November 4, 2012.

— reports Mike Bucci will make a rare appearance as Simon Dean on June 2, 2012 at Legends of the Ring 14 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Monroe, New Jersey.

  • King

    i agree ant thats very true dude

  • Ant

    @prince..that would mean that punk and jericho would have to feud allll the way until like july and i doubt thatll happen cuz i think after extreme rules punk will go on to feud with someone else probably lord tensai or kane or mark henry or someone like that i wish they would have jericho feud with orton since technically orton was the one who put him out in the first place

  • Prince

    I’m guessing Punk will end up injuring him really badly to end their feud. That will be the storyline to get Jericho off TV for awhile.


    Chris isn’t leaving he is doing touring yes .But not leaving Wwe he will still be in wwe late this year.

  • Bill

    I feel like he’s bending the truth about his WWE stint to get heat in Chicago at Extreme Rules.

  • CC

    seems to me this is a bit too open for Jericho. in recent years he has never been one to give anything away as to when he will leave or return, so I dont see why he would suddenly change that now. I wouldnt be surprised if he was just taking a temporary leave, and then come back after touring is done rather than him actually leaving again like he seems to be indicating.

  • Ant

    im sure we’ll see jericho again this time he’ll probably come back as a face but in the meantime lets just enjoy him until august

  • nnac

    walls of jericho> fozzy… wish he stayed

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I was hoping the Jericho/Punk rivalry would involve Jericho leaving with the WWE with the title like Punk did last year, but actually staying away for more than a week.