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– WWE Superstar Christian is scheduled to return at TNA’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view to induct Sting into the TNA Hall of Fame.

Christian working Bound For Glory was the second part of the deal made with WWE to allow Ric Flair to work WWE’s Hall of Fame earlier this year. There was a push on the TNA side to get Ric Flair to induct Sting but that likely won’t happen because of the lawsuit against WWE where Flair is named.

Flair’s non-compete with TNA ends on September 6th as it was a 120-day non-compete. Even if there wasn’t an ongoing lawsuit where he was named, Flair still could not have worked the 1000th RAW last month. With that lawsuit still up in the air, WWE is afraid to make any direct moves as far as contacting Flair and bringing him back.

There’s a feeling that Flair and Matt Morgan would both be in WWE right now if that lawsuit wasn’t still going on.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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  • StocktonJoe

    Time to get my eyes checked. I just completely skipped over the second paragraph. I apologize.

  • Stumpy

    StocktonJoe: Read the article again. It states, “Christian working Bound For Glory was the second part of the deal made with WWE to allow Ric Flair to work WWE’s Hall of Fame earlier this year.”

  • StocktonJoe

    What’s the quid pro quo? What does WWE get out of this? WWE could easily prevent Christian from doing this. So what’s in it for WWE? Dropping the pending lawsuit?

  • yofits

    Christian Cage is greatest wrestler of all time.

  • Sammo

    Ha, was thinking the exact thing, Omar.

    Vince is gonna make Christian look like a genuine jobber before he sets off for another TNA appearance.

  • Omar

    Oh God! So THATS WHY Christian has been on a jobbing streak!

  • CC

    Not being funny, but why would they want Christian to induct him? Nothing against Christian as he is a great talent and an all time great, but his history with Sting is minimal. They would be better off getting someone from WCW who Sting worked with for years. Hell, even someone like Hogan who actually already works for TNA for fucksake.
    Getting Christian to do it seems like some kind of childish “look what we made WWE do” type of move, and just looks weak.

  • 1919dpg

    Christian to induct sting? FUCK! don’t they realise how second rate they make themselves look?

    i think christian is HIGHLY underrated but he’s a mid carder!

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